Lemon Cherry Coffee Cake

Any cake that's as good at breakfast as it is at dessert wins. Plus, cherry season!

Easy Easter recipes that are deliciously doable, even at the last minute.

Celebrate Easter with these delicious make-ahead and easy recipes so that you can eat well without cooking all day.

Puff Pastry Sticky Rolls: A busy parent baking hack.

Homemade sticky rolls are glorious—and a lot of work. This baking hack makes use of store-bought puff pastry to make delicious sticky buns in less than half the time.

Coconut Almond Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies for Santa!

A traditional take on my favorite vegan cookie, these Coconut Almond Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies are good enough to please even the big guy.

Best holiday dessert recipes and Christmas sweets.

Cheesecake, Reindeer Chow, Christmas cookies, oh my!

Easy, light Brown Sugar Baked Apples

Brown Sugar Baked Apples: A fall and winter dessert that eats like pie, but doesn't stay with you like pie. If you know what I mean.

Top 5 Halloween recipes—and then even more!

A one-stop shop for Halloween treats, from homemade candy to a spooky Halloween dinner the kids will love!

Halloween treat! Cute mummy Caramel Apple Hand Pies

These Caramel Apple Hand Pies are a cute Halloween treat that come together 1, 2, 3 thanks to store-bought puff pastry. And skip the mummy part to make them anytime all autumn long.

Back-to-school mornings: Top 5 quick, healthy breakfast recipes.

Back-to-school means more than school lunch. Make sure the kids get a healthy start even on the busiest mornings with my favorite quick, healthy breakfast recipes.

Banana Coconut Bread

I've been feeling bad about not coming around here as much these days, so I brought you some delicious Banana Coconut Bread. Have a slice and forgive me? It's not that I don't want to hang out with you guys. I do. Badly! But I'm working on a few things that I hope you'll be excited about, too, and I'm working hard. Isn't it annoying when someone says something like that and then follows up with, "I can't share details yet," but I really can't. Soon, though. Very soon. In the meantime, how's that Banana Coconut Bread? Delicious, right? (more after the jump)

Raspberry Pancake Muffins for a healthy, on-the-go breakfast or low-sugar snack

You know that great feeling when things come together in unexpected ways that are even better than the ways you expected? Well, I get that feeling times ten when it happens with a recipe like it did with this one for Raspberry Pancake Muffins. It all started with an attempt to come up with more healthy, on-the-go breakfast recipes like these Baked Oatmeal Bites to add to my breakfast meal plan. I often make a double batch of pancakes so that I have leftovers for the freezer, but doing this on the griddle the old fashioned way is something I can only manage on the weekends. But what if I baked the pancake batter in mini-muffin trays instead? I wasn't sure that it would work (it totally did!), but thought that it might turn pancake-making into something that I could do anytime (it totally does!). No standing to attention at the stove or working batch after batch. Instead, just throw the batter in a muffin pan, bake, and be done. I couldn't have been happier with the results. Or so I thought. (more after the jump)

Easy DIY Vanilla Extract, aka last-minute holiday gift gold

Making vanilla extract at home is beyond easy. Make some for yourself or put a bottle together as an easy DIY food gift.

White Chocolate-Butterscotch Cookies

Chewy, delicious White Chocolate-Butterscotch Cookies. Perfect for the holidays and beyond.

Chewy Gingerbread Cookies with Lemon Glaze

A delicious twist on a holiday classic, these chewy gingerbread cookies are perfection!

Coconut, Almond & Raspberry Thumbprint Cookie recipe

One of the most delicious cookies I've ever eaten—and it happens to be vegan. Make these Coconut, Almond & Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies now, be addicted forever. It's a good thing.

A quick-look guide to Thanksgiving pies & holiday baking

The title says it all: A quick and easy guide to holiday desserts with tips and recipes to get you through. Yum.