3 creative ways to pack vegetables for school lunch.

3 fun ideas for how to pack veggies in school lunch so that the kids actually eat them.

How to pack avocado toast for school lunch.

My foolproof way for packing avocado toast in school lunch so that it doesn't get mushy, brown, or generally icky.

Super-healthy Turkey Taco Salad recipe.

A Taco Salad that will have the kids eating, well, salad! And if not, it's super easy to turn the components into a meal for picky eaters. One dinner for all!

Fruit sushi! Super fun and healthy school lunch recipe.

Turn fresh fruit into Fruit Sushi, a healthy (even protein-packed) school lunch that the kids will love. So fun!

Back to school lunch ideas: Lunch on a stick!

Food on a stick always wins, so why not pack lunch on a stick? These ideas are sure to be a win with the kids.

How to pack school lunch like a pro in 5 easy steps.

School lunch recipes are great, but the real lifesaver is knowing how to throw one together fast without a recipe. These tips will help you master the school lunch once and for all.

How to make DIY Sunbutter: Perfect for nut-free school lunches

Whether yours is a family contenting with nut allergies or just looking for a nutritious swap for your staple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sunflower seed butter is a life saver.

How to hard boiled eggs like a pro in 5 easy steps.

There's no more perfect breakfast, snack, or lunch food than a boiled egg that's been cooked correctly. Learn how once and for all. It's easy.

Top 5 school lunch recipes: From gluten-free to make-ahead ideas and more

My favorite school lunch recipes to help keep healthy school lunches going—even when you're out of practice or tapped out. Or both.

Bacon Fluffernutter Sandwich: The ultimate Father’s Day recipe

This is it. This is what you should make your favorite dad on Father's Day. I mean, assuming he's a carnivore, of course. If he is, this Bacon Fluffernutter Sandwich is the ultimate sweet-and-salty Father's Day treat. And then you'll all be hooked and it'll be any anytime-you-need-it treat. Sorry, that's going to happen and I'm not sorry that I made it so. This is so worth it. (more after the jump)

BBQ Chicken Meatballs

I don't think that there's anything more I can say about meatballs. Over the years, I've covered all the reasons why I believe they are the ultimate family food. They are easy to make! You can make them in big batches and freeze them! Kids love meatballs! Grown-ups do, too! They're versatile! You can make Turkey Meatballs, Thai Chicken Meatballs, Indian Spiced Meatballs, Greek Meatballs and, now, these BBQ Chicken Meatballs. You can throw them in a hearty Meatball and White Bean Escarole Soup! You can pack them for school lunch! They make an awesome early finger food! You get the point. These super easy BBQ Chicken Meatballs are the latest addition to my meatball recipe collection. The mixture, which is nothing more than ground chicken, breadcrumbs, eggs, spices, and (yum) cheddar cheese, comes together in a a single bowl. Then roll, pan fry, sauce, and serve. It's so easy that I was able to make them for you in this short 3 minute video. And, honestly, there's very little that isn't captured in real time—just a little cooking. (more after the jump)

Curry Roasted Cauliflower with Lentils and Greens

An easy vegetarian meal or side as good for everyday as it is for a special occasion meal.

Pesto Pizza Rolls: A perfect make-ahead school lunch or weeknight dinner

These rolls are easy to make and make a nutritious substitute to that icky, cafeteria frozen pizza. Check it out!

Quinoa, Black Bean, and Mango Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

I have it, hungry mamas and papas: your new favorite cookbook. I'm holding it in my hands. Okay, not really (since I'm typing), but it's in my kitchen, already creased and stained. It's a beauty, isn't it? How can it not be with the promise of a 150 recipes that can be made and prepped ahead. America's Test Kitchen had done it again, this time with The Make-Ahead Cook: More than 150 kitchen-tested recipes youc an prepare on your schedule. Prepping meals ahead saves me. I know that the planning required trips some of you up, but that's where this book comes in. Instead of pulling a stack of recipes and having to organize what should be made when, the always-helpful folks at America's Test Kitchen take care of it for you. (more after the jump)

School Lunch Recipe: Make-Ahead Ham and Cheese Muffins

Someone one the One Hungry Mama YouTube channel recently asked me for more make-ahead school lunch recipes. You know I'll never refuse you ideas when you ask for them (speak up and ask away!), so I whipped up these easy Ham and Cheese Muffins. This savory muffin recipe is a fresh take on the classic ham and cheese sandwich. Not only is it tastier than a plain old sandwich, it can also be made ahead of time. How many sandwiches can you say that about? (more after the jump)

How to hard boil eggs and my favorite hard-boiled egg recipes

I once heard that the mark of a great chef is how well she can scramble eggs. Of course. It's always the simple things that stump you, like how it took me years to figure out how to cook rice perfectly. Making hard boiled eggs is one of those kitchen tasks that you'd think would be a no-brainer, but is actually hard to do well. It's not easy to consistently get a creamy yolk without that icky green outer ring and to escape rubbery egg whites unless, of course, you follow these easy directions for how to boil an egg perfectly. All it takes is a little attention, or at least a timer. (more after the jump)