A Margarita Mocktail recipe that tastes like the real deal!

A Margarita mocktail with a secret ingredient that makes it surprisingly like the real deal. Plus, it's easy to turn into a cocktail if you want.

Matcha Green Tea Milkshake for a naturally delicious St. Patrick’s Day.

Keep your St. Patrick's day naturally green with this delicious Matcha Green Tea Milkshake (that's really delicious every other day of the year, too!).

How to put together Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs

Making smoothies is easy, but not always busy-weekday-mornings-easy. These Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs are a game changer that change that and make smoothies possible no matter what.

Chai Tai smoothie recipe from my new use-it-everyday cookbook.

The incredible creaminess and blend of warm spices in this smoothie will make you weak in the knees.

St. Germain Champagne cocktail

I've added St. Germain to everything from margaritas to scotch, but nothing beats this simple combination with Champagne, too. A perfect celebratory cocktail.

Eggnog Iced Coffee with Bourbon

Eggnog + coffee + bourbon. Done.

Apple Pie Smoothie recipe and an app I can’t live without

I don't know what you'll love more: This smoothie that tastes just like a slice of apple pie or a new app that I'm freaking out over that will give you 1,000 more killer smoothie recipes.

How to make homemade almond milk in 3 easy steps + a Spiced Vanilla Almond Milk recipe

An easy tutorial for how to make homemade almond milk in just 3 steps. As in, yes, you can make it homemade, too, and I know how busy you are. Plus, a recipe adaptation for the most delicious Spiced Vanilla Almond Milk.

Green Cardamom Smoothie

I'm a huge fan of cardamom and, if you are, too, this is your new go-to green smoothie. Paired with shredded coconut, coconut water and lime, this has a bright, exotic flavor that will transport you to southeast Asia.

Cherry Plum Sangria + a whole lotta summer sangria recipes

For grown-ups only—10 summery sangria recipes to play with this season!

Summer cocktails: Aperol Spritz

Like sunshine in a glass.

{video} Coconut Date Smoothie recipe

Once upon a time I traveled with my husband on a whim. We'd decide at noon to drive out of the city for a quiet night away. We'd gather friends and caravan to a crash pad in the country or at the beach. We'd fly off to Miami for a long weekend of lounging. And then we had kids. (More after the jump)

All the Cinco de Mayo recipes you could ever want… and then some.

Monday is Cinco de Mayo and, if you've been following for a while, you know that means I'll be celebrating this weekend. It's one of my favorite holidays though, I have to admit, for no other reason than I love Mexican culture, food, and drink. Any excuse to celebrate the three is a treat for me. With these Cinco de Mayo recipes and family activities, it can be a treat for you, too. Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays that gifts us an opportunity to use food and drink to explore culture with our kids. Yes, our my interest in the holiday started with guacamole and my favorite drink—rocks, no salt—but all's not lost in margaritaville. Give the holiday meaning by using delicious Mexican food and drink to learn more about Mexico and Mexican culture with your kids. Read up on Cinco de Mayo, doll up your digs, whip up a festive meal, and do a fun project (ideas for all of this below!). Eat, celebrate and learn. It's a beautiful combination. (so much more after the jump)

Be good to the earth: Drink more (organic) liquor!

[caption id="attachment_11327" align="aligncenter" width="530" caption="Black Currant Margarita (click photo for recipe)"][/caption] Earth Day was yesterday, I know, but better late than never? Also, I knew you'd be busy gardening and doing eco crafts using upcycled materials with your kiddos, riiiigggghhhhhtttt? I didn't want to distract you with cocktails. But, now that all that is over, you can sit back, relax and continue to be good to our planet while you toast Mother Earth with these cocktail recipes made with organic liquor. You read correctly. Organic liquor. As in sprits or, as we call it here, booze. I did the hard the job of researching—and even taste testing—some of the organic liquor options on the market (someone had to) and shared the results, along with a bunch of recipes, over on Cool Mom Picks. Hey, we've gone organic with everything else, why not with our cocktails? Lest you think this an Earth Day gimmick or just plain precious, I'll have you know that the organic spirits I tried were priced comparably to conventional high-end brands and had great flavor. Plus, the companies give back in ways that you'll be happy to support. Think using waste from processing to create bio fuel and planting a tree for every bottle sold. So, yea, I'm serious: this is good stuff all around. Cheers to that. (more after the jump)

Coconut Mango Smoothie

It's hard out here for a fruit and veggie lover. There are so many wonderful things about living in NYC, but winter produce is not one of them. So I smoothie. I throw in less-than-perfect veggies, like in my Cherry Vanilla Super Smoothie, and use tons of frozen fruit, most of which is frozen at peak freshness and has much better flavor than what's available to me fresh these days. Sometimes I use milk, other times juice. Sometimes yogurt, sometimes not. And no matter what, these elixirs hit the spot with a burst of fresh flavor. With all the snow falling in NYC these days, I've been craving the tropical flavors of my latest concoction, this Coconut Mango Smoothie. This one isn't just a taste of freshness, it's also a taste of sunshine. Much needed warm sunshine. (more after the jump)

Cherry Vanilla Super Smoothie

During the holidays, I moved my blender from the counter, where it usually spends its days, to a cabinet beyond my reach so that I could make room for things like, oh, the waffle iron and extra pie plates. By now you know that I prefer small steps towards a return to healthier eating to sweeping new year resolutions around food. This week's small step? Putting the pie plates away and returning my blender to its rightful place on my counter. Even though the fact that it doesn't have a tucked away spot drives me bananas. But, hey, you know what they say about when life hands you bananas, right? Make smoothies! With my blender back in action, that's exactly what I've been doing. This Cherry Vanilla Super Smoothie is the boys' favorite so far. (more after the jump)