Make-Your-Own Guacamole Bar!

Guacamole is fun, but a Make-Your-Own Guacamole Bar is a party. Plus, there's no better way to get a picky eater into avocado.

My 5 favorite salad recipes for spring.

Salad recipes that make perfect use of seasonal veggies. Finally.

How to make Wonton Crackers: Busy parent baking hack

Grab store-bought wonton skins and have the kids flavor their own crackers (or make them for an easy cocktail party treat). The flavor combos are endless—and so delicious!

Genius Pico de Gallo, 3 ways.

The original skinny snack dip! Learn how to make my favorite pico de gallo recipe, plus 2 variations that will have you skinny dipping all the time. Heh.

Top 5 make-ahead holiday appetizers!

You know what makes the holidays even better than gifts? Great make-ahead recipes that keep entertaining easy like these appetizers.

Bacon Wrapped Dates: The genius holiday appetizer you didn’t know you needed (but do).

Meet your new obsession. These Bacon Wrapped Dates are, hands down, the best, easiest, and most popular party appetizer you'll ever make—or eat.

How to hard boiled eggs like a pro in 5 easy steps.

There's no more perfect breakfast, snack, or lunch food than a boiled egg that's been cooked correctly. Learn how once and for all. It's easy.

Hearts of Palm Dip: A light, refreshing (and lower calorie) alternative to hummus.

This creamy (and low-calorie!) dip is made just like hummus, but uses hearts of palm instead of chickpeas. It's light, refreshing, and perfect for summer!

School lunch recipe: Ham and Cheese Crescent Rolls

It's no secret that I keep a package of all-natural, ready-made crescent roll dough in the back of my fridge as back up. Using it is far from an everyday thing—I call on it a couple of times a year to make these half-homemade Strawberry and Cream Breakfast Rolls and these Ham and Cheese Crescent Rolls for school lunch—but when I crave that pop-n-fresh taste and am short on time, it's the perfect solution. Well, at least if it's dough from Immaculate Bakery. The ingredients list is not perfect and far from homemade, but it's natural and that matters. Not to belabor the point, but I'm going to belabor the point... If you can't find Immaculate Bakery, I really do encourage you to find another all-natural brand (and if you find one, share it with us!). Most conventional brands are packed with crazy ingredients that are not worth it. If you can't find all-natural crescent roll dough, make my ham and cheese muffins instead. Okay, now back to business. (more after the jump)

How to make Stuffed Potato Skins and lots of ways to stuff them

I know. The big game is over and I'm posting a recipe for stuffed potato skins. I know! But who says that potato skins have to be about watching football? I mean, I never really watch football and, yet, I love potato skins. As it turns out, so do my boys. So why should I have to make them only during football season? Sure, the Super Bowl was my inspiration for these, but the recipe is going to feed us all year long because what's the difference between this and a big bowl of chili over rice with the fixings? Nothing. Plus—hold on to your hats—potatoes are nutritious. So, yea, stuffed potato skins are our new jam. For dinner. Any night of the week. (more after the jump)

How to hard boil eggs and my favorite hard-boiled egg recipes

I once heard that the mark of a great chef is how well she can scramble eggs. Of course. It's always the simple things that stump you, like how it took me years to figure out how to cook rice perfectly. Making hard boiled eggs is one of those kitchen tasks that you'd think would be a no-brainer, but is actually hard to do well. It's not easy to consistently get a creamy yolk without that icky green outer ring and to escape rubbery egg whites unless, of course, you follow these easy directions for how to boil an egg perfectly. All it takes is a little attention, or at least a timer. (more after the jump)

Avocado Gazpacho with Peaches and Corn from Silvana’s Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Kitchen

The first person to ever pique my curiosity about gluten-free cooking—and to convince me that it's easy and doable—is Silvana Nardone. The founding editor-in-chief of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine and a former Italian bakery owner, I trusted Silvana. She knows food and, more importantly, she knows gluten. Though I'd never considered gluten- or dairy-free cooking, her first cookbook Cooking for Isaiah: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Recipes for Easy, Delicious Meals became an instant favorite in my house. But as much as I loved the book, I didn't realize just how fabulous it is until sickness hit. It's a long story that ends with us not having to maintain a gluten-free home, but there was a long period of time when we thought that we might have to. During that time, I experimented with my own gluten-free cooking, leaning on Silvana's book the whole time. Then, a year later, we found ourselves having to take on a dairy-free diet. It was temporary, but lasted for 12 months and, again, Silvana came to the rescue. Even now, as we're back to eating gluten and dairy with (mostly) abandon, Silvana's recipes are a regular part of our life. In the years since Silvana's first book, she has become a pillar in the gluten- and dairy-free recipe community. She's the woman behind the go-to gluten-free and dairy-free blog Silvana's Kitchen and is among the most sought-after gluten- and dairy-free food writers and recipe developers in the business, with regular contributions to publications including Food & Wine. If Silvana knew what she was doing before, she's mastered it now, and her new book, Silvana's Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Kitchen: Timeless Favorites Transformed, is all about sharing her perfected classic recipes. (more after the jump)

{video} School lunch ideas: Healthy dip recipes for the lunch box

Oh, school lunch. It starts out fun enough: picking out new lunch boxes, buying cute lunch box gear, and collecting fun school lunch ideas. But it gets old fast, right? A few weeks in, I know it can be hard to muster up the wherewithal to pack anything more than a PB&J and bag of popcorn. I'm here to help with a brand new series of school lunch videos to give you fresh ideas that will make packing—and eating!—school lunch easy and way more fun. First up are healthy dip recipes that are perfect for packing in a lunchbox. One of the easiest ways to get stuck in a school lunch rut is to get stuck thinking strictly about sandwiches. Sandwiches day in and sandwiches day out make for a very boring school year. Believe me: I know because I've been there. One of my boys spent an entire school year refusing leftovers which left, well, sandwiches. That is, until I got sick of it and started thinking beyond the sandwich. Dips were one of the things that saved lunch that year. (more after the jump)

Cheesy Garlic Bread

On Monday it was Chicken Marsala, so today it must be garlic bread. Let's do it Jersey style and make it Cheesy Garlic Bread. Because why not? If we're going to make an old school Italian red sauce restaurant meal, we might as well do it right! This garlic bread is heavenly and, in keeping with my Chicken Marsala, it's also buttery. Very buttery. (I believe there is a causal relationship between buttery and heavenly. Who's with me?) It's also cheesy thanks to thin slices of fresh, melted mozzarella. You'd think that tasty, buttery, and cheesy covers all the most important features of my Cheesy Garlic bread, but there's something else. Something that, if you ask me, is the most important note about this bread: it isn't over garlicky. (more after the jump)

How to make a salad that the kids will share: Grilled Chicken & Mango Salad {sponsored}

This post and video are sponsored by Earthbound Farm Organic. Thank you for supporting our sponsors! May is my new favorite month, y'all! No, my birthday isn't in May—and, anyway, I'm too old for a month to be my favorite by virtue of hosting my birthday. Rather, May is National Salad Month, and if there was ever a meal that deserves the spotlight, it's salad. Wholesome, endlessly adaptable, and—if you go light on the crumbled bacon—full of good-for-you nutrition, I'm ready to celebrate the goodness of greens with my favorite family-friendly salad, Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad. Yes, I called this salad family-friendly. Seriously. (More after the jump)

Chinese Chicken Salad: One Chinese Mustard Vinaigrette, many salad variations

I've become obsessed with Chinese Chicken Salad. I don't know how it happened or when it even started. I just know that I can't stop. Luckily, I don't have to. Filling and delicious, this salad is also healthy and adaptable enough to keep it fresh day after day. And I'm not kidding about that. I've really been eating this day after day. The kids like this salad, too, especially when I throw in sesame sticks. Snack food! In salad?! It's been a life changing combination here. The only adjustment I have to make for the little one is to dress his portion of salad with a milder version of the Chinese Mustard Vinaigrette. Okay, and we pick out the leaves, too. But lightly dressed cuke, avocado, red pepper, poached chicken, and sesame sticks is not a bad thing. (more after the jump)