3 creative ways to pack vegetables for school lunch.

3 fun ideas for how to pack veggies in school lunch so that the kids actually eat them.

How to pack avocado toast for school lunch.

My foolproof way for packing avocado toast in school lunch so that it doesn't get mushy, brown, or generally icky.

How to put together Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs

Making smoothies is easy, but not always busy-weekday-mornings-easy. These Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs are a game changer that change that and make smoothies possible no matter what.

How to make DIY Sunbutter: Perfect for nut-free school lunches

Whether yours is a family contenting with nut allergies or just looking for a nutritious swap for your staple peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sunflower seed butter is a life saver.

How to hard boiled eggs like a pro in 5 easy steps.

There's no more perfect breakfast, snack, or lunch food than a boiled egg that's been cooked correctly. Learn how once and for all. It's easy.

Healthy, on-the-go breakfast recipe: Baked Oatmeal Bites

A make-ahead breakfast that you can store in the freezer for a nutrient-rich, grab-and-go breakfast.

5 tips for how to make a smoothie without added sugar

Smoothies are often packed with healthy ingredients—and sugar, too. Here are tips on how to keep your smoothies lower in added sugar and delicious, too.

{video} Berry Green Protein Smoothie recipe

A Berry Green Protein Smoothie recipe that is low in sugar, has some greens, and is packed with protein—perfect even for a quick breakfast that you can feel good about sharing with the whole family.

Smoothie Breakfast Bowl: A fresh start.

Turn your snack smoothie into a healthy breakfast bowl with these tips and ideas for how to make the perfect Smoothie Bowl.

Recipes for cold and flu season

These recipes will help you and your family make it through cold and flu season.

Everyday Superfruits and recipes for feeding them to your family

If you're anything like me, hearing a term like "Superfruit" triggers major eye rolling. But, as it turns out, some fruits really are super and most aren't particularly rare or flown in from some far corner from the globe. Despite what marking might have you believe, most Superfruits are fruits you can find at your supermarket all year around. I did some research on Superfruits and highlighted five of my favorites, along with ideas for how to pack them in a super-boosted school lunch on Cool Mom Picks. As a bonus, I'm adding some other recipes here, too, to help make sure that you and your super family get all the super nutrition these fruits have to offer. (more after the jump)

Back to school lunch ideas: DIY Taco Lunchable

While I'm deep in denial, soaking up the last days of summer while we still have three weeks before school begins in NYC, I know that many of you are in the throes of transitioning to your school routine. Or at least prepping for that. Early mornings, homework, after school activities and, of course, school lunch. One a day, every school day, for the entire school year. It's a lot, which is why, even though I spend most of these days squeezing my eyes shut, plugging my ears and pretending that I don't see or hear the school year approaching, I've managed to put together a series of back to school lunch recipe videos. (The things I do for you guys!) The first one was a video with healthy dip recipes for the lunch box. All three are perfect antidotes for the sandwich blahs. (Believe me, they'll kick in sooner than you expect.) And now I'm taking on the lunchable with a DIY version of the every popular Taco Lunchable. (more after the jump)

How to make a salad that the kids will share: Grilled Chicken & Mango Salad {sponsored}

This post and video are sponsored by Earthbound Farm Organic. Thank you for supporting our sponsors! May is my new favorite month, y'all! No, my birthday isn't in May—and, anyway, I'm too old for a month to be my favorite by virtue of hosting my birthday. Rather, May is National Salad Month, and if there was ever a meal that deserves the spotlight, it's salad. Wholesome, endlessly adaptable, and—if you go light on the crumbled bacon—full of good-for-you nutrition, I'm ready to celebrate the goodness of greens with my favorite family-friendly salad, Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad. Yes, I called this salad family-friendly. Seriously. (More after the jump)

Healthy Breakfast Donuts with Yogurt Glaze & other easy breakfast recipes

As breakfast week comes to a end here at One Hungry Mama, allow me to put down my bowl of Lucky Charms, uh, I mean, my super healthy power breakfast, and leave you with healthy breakfast recipes that will realistically fit into your mornings, including these Whole Grain Pear Breakfast Donuts made in one bowl. And, yes, you caught that right: realistically. I told you at the beginning of the week when we first talked about taking control of breakfast: this is hard for me, too. These breakfast ideas are ones that I've committed to at home and lets just say that I like to sleep until 7 a.m., even on the weekdays. I know a little something something about the morning rush, and these recipes—which I'm sharing in the form of my meal plan— are working. (more after the jump)

How to choose healthy breakfast foods—cereal, too

[caption id="attachment_12753" align="aligncenter" width="530" caption="Lemon Maple Overnight Oatmeal"][/caption] Every parent knows that breakfast is important. After all, weren't we repeatedly told by our own parents that it's the most important meal of the day? We're no dummies! That said, I took that value of breakfast at face value for a long time. It wasn't until I started a career in food that I realized just how true that old adage is. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. To save you the hardship of starting your own career in food, I asked a nutritionist to give us the straight dope on breakfast so that you, too, can have a meaningful understanding of what make a breakfast good for you. Once you have that, you can make a clear plan for how to take control of breakfast in your house. (more after the jump)

Taking control of breakfast: Cardamom Apple-Pecan Oatmeal Muffins

I'd had it. The arguing over cereal had gotten completely out of control in my house. (Does this happen in your house, too?!) Breakfast, especially during the week, is hard enough as it is. The last thing I need is fighting over what gets served. And though it's easy to resort to pop-up waffles and cereal everyday (they certainly take care of the fighting), the last thing my kids need every morning is a heaping mound of sugary, processed carbs. Finding breakfast balance has been a serious challenge and I finally took it head-on, with some help from these Cardamom Apple-Pecan Muffins. This week I'll be talking about the breakfast conundrum: providing our kids with healthy, wholesome breakfasts that actually fit into the morning rush and give them the nutritional boost they need to make it through their day. (more after the jump)