How to cook pasta like a pro in 5 easy steps.

How to cook pasta perfectly in a 5 easy steps, plus tips on cooking it al dente ahead of time.

5 affordable kitchen tools that help save you time.

Affordable and multipurpose, these tools help busy home cooks move faster in the kitchen.

Puff Pastry Sticky Rolls: A busy parent baking hack.

Homemade sticky rolls are glorious—and a lot of work. This baking hack makes use of store-bought puff pastry to make delicious sticky buns in less than half the time.

How to make Wonton Crackers: Busy parent baking hack

Grab store-bought wonton skins and have the kids flavor their own crackers (or make them for an easy cocktail party treat). The flavor combos are endless—and so delicious!

How to make DIY microwave popcorn.

Grab a paper bag, some oil, and popcorn kernels, because that's all it takes to make this DIY microwave popcorn. Just as easy as store-bought, no chemicals needed.

This Week for Dinner podcast + my secret kitchen tip.

Take a listen to one of my favorite podcasts, This Week for Dinner with Jane Maynard, and get my favorite kitchen tip. It's a good one!

How to put together Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs

Making smoothies is easy, but not always busy-weekday-mornings-easy. These Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs are a game changer that change that and make smoothies possible no matter what.

How to chop an onion like a pro. (No knife skills required.)

The number one thing that slows home cooks down: chopping onions. Not anymore with this easy guide on how to cut onion like a pro—no crazy knife skills required.

How to pack school lunch like a pro in 5 easy steps.

School lunch recipes are great, but the real lifesaver is knowing how to throw one together fast without a recipe. These tips will help you master the school lunch once and for all.

How to hard boiled eggs like a pro in 5 easy steps.

There's no more perfect breakfast, snack, or lunch food than a boiled egg that's been cooked correctly. Learn how once and for all. It's easy.

How to cut pineapple like a pro and tips for choosing a ripe pineapple.

You'll want to throw some pineapple flavor in every dish after this quick tutorial on how to cut pineapple like a pro in 5 easy steps.

How to zest citrus like a pro in 5 easy steps.

One of the best—and absolutely easiest—ways to add a burst of flavor to your cooking is to add citrus zest from lemons, limes, or oranges. But do it wrong and things get bitter. Literally. So, if you ask me, knowing how to zest citrus properly is a critical kitchen skill. It's easy to do, but also easy to get wrong. And when it goes wrong, zest can ruin a dish. Here's how zest citrus like a pro in 5 easy steps. (more after the jump)

Best cookbooks for families 2014

The best cookbooks of 2014 for families. These additions to your cookbook collection will serve you way beyond the next year.

Make ahead recipe: Baked Ziti with Italian Sausage

This simple, elegant baked ziti works for an everyday dinner or a special occasion. Plus, you can make it ahead of time.

How to hard boil eggs and my favorite hard-boiled egg recipes

How to master the hard-boiled egg and my all-time favorite hard-boiled egg recipes!

How to buy healthy foods on a strict budget

Last week I spoke with a mom committed to scratch cooking, whole ingredients, and organic foods, but who wondered how to hold to her commitment while on a budget. An age old question. Yes, look for sales. And, yes, refer to the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists to make smart buying decisions about organic and conventional produce. But there's one piece of advice that I give that always seems to surprise moms: Stop thinking only about dinner. The bulk of our shopping haul is breakfast, lunch, and snack foods, and many of these foods are packaged. Look at your next shopping bill and you might just find that you're spending most of your money on these meals. If that's true, the decision to buy Monday night's broccoli organic or not has a much smaller impact on the bottom line than figuring out how to make smart decisions around your breakfast, lunch, and snack ingredients. Let's take a closer look: (more after the jump)