How to make quick sautéed cutlets, endless ways

There are some things that you just need to know if you're the family cook. This is definitely one of them.

How to quick pickle some more: Overnight Refrigerator Pickles

Last week I carried on about my ever-growing fondness of quick pickles with a quick tutorial on how-to quick pickle garnishes like quick-pickled grapes and lime pickled red onions. Today's quick pickles are just as quick to prep—you need 10 minutes to make these overnight refrigerator pickles happen—but they sit overnight instead of an hour. It's a longer soak, but totally unattended and you end up with something so much more than a garnish. These are summer snack heaven, perfect for a cooling afternoon treat, picnic in the park or backyard BBQ. These can be made with other summer produce like carrots and peppers and are a perfect way to get kids in the kitchen. Little ones can easily help make these and, while they do, they get to touch, smell and feel gorgeous in-season produce. And with no pressure to eat it (unless, of course, they want to snack while they prep)! Instead, they get to wait overnight and see how a simple combination of vinegar, water, salt and sugar completely changes the way the veggies taste and feel. It's like a science experiment. A healthy, delicious one. (watch after the jump)

How to make infused water: 3 recipes to keep the kids hydrated without sugar drinks

Check out today's video for how to keep kiddo (and yourself!) well hydrated with good old fashioned water without being super boring mom. My three infused water recipes will make a glass of water as exciting as a tall glass of lemonade. Don't believe me? Watch! There's something I've been keeping from you all. About 3 months ago, I started training to run 3 miles. My first run is coming up this weekend and I've signed up for a 3K in September. (Look at me!!) I kind of can't believe it. I kind of hate every minute of it. I kind of love it, too. EIther way, two really important things have come out of my training so far: 1. I'm really proud of myself. 2. I've started drinking water like a champ. I'd heard that drinking the right amount of water could completely change the way you feel and now I know it's true. It's actually kind of crazy. I even need less coffee and swear it's because I'm fully hydrated for once in my life. So, yea, I'm super into water these days. Which means that I'm all about making sure the boys get enough water, too. (more after the jump)

How to cut sugar at home: Three new, easy ideas

Summer has (unofficially) begun and so have have summer snacks, from popsicles to lemonade. Sugar overload—or at least an increase in sweet treats—is a natural part of the season, which is why it's especially important to cut sugar at home whenever you can easily. And, yes, it's possible to do so without being a grinch. I promise! Remember these 5 tips to manage sugar at home? Well, today I've got 3 specific ideas that build on those tips. Watch for how to cut sugar at home easy breezy while keeping it fun. If you don't believe me, check out my hungry boys in action. (More to watch!)

How to stock your pantry: canned & jarred staples

All the canned and jarred goods to keep your pantry (and cooking) in top top shape.

How to stock your pantry: rice, grains, pasta

[caption id="attachment_9474" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Browned Butter Cauliflower Pasta"][/caption] Babies don’t come with a handbook, but motherhood certainly comes will a million books and competing ideas of how to do it "right," especially when it comes to feeding. The good news is that you’re doing way better than you think you are. (That goes even if you think you’re doing an awesome job—because you are!) The even better news is that being a great family cook is simpler than you think, you just need to learn the ropes. That's why I'm here. Welcome to One Hungry Mama’s Family Cooking School! If you've been following along you may know that I've started working with private clients. (The site will be updated with info soon, I promise; you can read more about my practice here in the meantime). I kicked things off with a private one-on-one program that gives parents highly customized healthy eating solutions tailored to YOUR schedule, YOUR family’s taste and YOUR budget. Now I'm excited to announce that I'm adding a group program, Family Cooking 101. Think of it as a foundations class to give you the tools you need to start the process of getting mealtime back on track. To celebrate the launch of my group program, I'm starting a "Family Cooking School" series of posts to touch on some family cooking basics that will help you move from pre-baby cooking to family cooking. The difference between the two? Family cooking is big on flavor, but made short on time; meals are efficiently planned and made; and ingredients are healthy enough for everyone to share. Lets start with pantry basics: rice, pasta and whole grains. While not exhaustive, these items are on the tippity top of my must-have-at-all-times list. These ingredients are the foundation of healthy meals that also have the heft to satisfy grown ups without just being empty filler calories. They also make vegetarian cooking easier. Be sure to chime in: What are your favorite family cooking pantry staples? And don't forget to drop me a line at to set up a free Take Back Your Kitchen session for more personalized pantry tips and answers to your burning questions about how to make life as the family cook easier. And now let's dig in with these best rice, pasta and grain choices for your pantry: (more after the jump)

How to use leftovers: Leftovers pizza!

Last week was a particularly prolific week in my kitchen and a particularly busy week for the hungry papa. I don't normally have much in the way of leftovers because, well, my hungry guys eat. A lot. But when the hungry papa's away (and the hungry boy is going through yet another picky phase—argh!), I'm left with leftovers galore. The only way to deal was to have pizza night. Leftovers pizza night. Instead of making a single pie, I made two small pies, each with two flavor halves. In case you aren't doing the math, that makes four opportunities to get rid of leftovers. Huzzah! (more after the jump)

How to use baby purees to make (delicious) grown up food: 5 easy ideas

Maybe you've been reading for a while. Maybe you've scoured my archive madly looking for baby food inspiration. Either way, you may have picked up that I don't believe in baby food. I just believe in good, healthy food for everyone in the family. See, two beautiful things happen when you cook one meal with everyone's nutritional needs in mind. First, you end up eating healthier yourself. You'll find it's worth skipping the extra pat of butter and lowering the salt, for example, for your little one. Also, kiddo will eat more adventurously because, well, baby purees, plain steamed carrots and pasta with butter do not a grown up meal make. If you start with what you like, baby's going to get an amazing crash course in flavor. How you include baby in family meals—whether with purees or by handing food over baby led weaning style—is up to you. As far as I'm concerned, you're doing your job as long as you're moving baby along on flavor and texture in a developmentally appropriate way. But going the puree route comes with challenges. In particular, making them takes extra time and it's hard to think of that texture as fitting with grown up food—but not impossible. Here's how you make purees work for you and your schedule. (more after the jump)

How To Make Heart Shaped Eggs!

Photo: Anna The Red Is there really anything to say? This picture says it all!! I did try (for about 5 seconds) to think of a way to link the title of this post with the lyrics of "Heart Shaped Box" in honor of the 25th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind, but that's dumb. Now I feel stupid... and contagious. *Groan* (more after the jump)

How to use marshmallows to keep brown sugar soft

I came across this great kitchen hack while looking something up on Real Simple. They claim that tossing a few marshmallows in with brown sugar will keep the sweetener from turning rock-hard. I always keep light brown sugar around the house, but don’t use it often. Even more reason to try this. No more smashing […]

Weekly Digest (+ Non-Resolution Update #2)

A quick update on my non-resolutions, you know, to keep me honest.

How to use avocado: 6 easy ways to serve the green wonder.

I love avocado. I’m envious of folks who live in places like Southern California where the fruit is local and abundant. Instead, I settle for avocados shipped thousands of miles that could stunt double for rocks. (Thankfully, they soften after some time on my counter.) Not perfect, but still pretty good. And the best part, avocados […]