How to cook quinoa like a pro in 5 easy steps

Ever had quinoa gone wrong? Bitter? Hard? Dry? No more. As part of my new video series, How-To Like A Pro, I'm going to show you how to cook quinoa like a pro in 5 easy steps. These new videos are short by design. They give a quick overview of how to cook or prep something like a pro in just a few easy steps. But, of course, you know me: I'll always elaborate a little bit to make sure that you get it just right. Here are a few notes on each quinoa-making step. (more after the jump)

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How to make one-step, one-ingredient Banana Ice Cream

These days I seem to be feeling healthy, easy, minimal ingredient frozen desserty things. First it was this awesome peach frozen yogurt (which can be made with nearly any frozen fruit!), and now banana ice cream. In the same way that we instinctually crave hearty stews and soups to bulk up for winter, I inevitably start jonesing for healthy, light, frozen treats as summer approaches. As a side note, the "healthy" part of my craving may or may not fade into oblivion as summer goes on and I begrudgingly accept whatever bikini shape I'm in and fall prey to the too-many artisanal ice cream vendors packed into my small area of Brooklyn. (Oh, Brooklyn.) I digress. Healthy. Easy. Frozen. That's what I've got today and it's so good. Kind of magical, even. Because in a single step, frozen banana pieces like this: transform into a snack remarkably like ice cream, like this: No cream or sugar necessary. Here's how: (more after the jump)

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