Masala Milk

I'm sick of winter—really, I am—but there's something exciting about this moment, teetering on the precipice of spring. It's still too cold, but you can feel warmth approaching. The edge is gone. The sun stays out longer. We're close. Really, really close. This Masala Milk—warm milk spiked with spices, saffron and ground nuts—is perfect for this very moment. It's warming, but with a fresh, bright flavor. This is very decidedly not a winter drink, but it'll warm you on a chilly morning or cool night. You can also drink it cold if you want, when the warmth peaks in mid-afternoon. This is what you should be drinking right now. And you can share it with kiddo, too. (more after the jump)

Healthy snacks for that healthy snacking resolution

[caption id="attachment_12563" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="IHeartKeenwah Snacks"][/caption] How's your healthy family snacking resolution going? I'm trying to support you, really I am! Have you checked out my coconut chia pudding? When you do, be sure to look through the comments for an amazing adaptation suggestion. And what about these apple oat bars? Yum! Let's also talk store-bought snacks. I recently discovered these awesome healthy snacks that are, well, awesome. Meaning they actually taste good. And not just to me. My boys have been munching on these healthy snacks, too. That's right: kid tested, mother approved. (more after the jump)

2012 Back-to-School Lunch Gear Guide

Another school year has begun for some and is just around the corner for others. That means bustling mornings, quick and hearty breakfasts, book bags and—everyone's favorite!—school lunch. Whether you make a lunch every day or just need a few things to cover field trips, I've got the gear you need to pack a fabulous, fun, and nutritious lunch. And, by the way, this stuff isn't just for kids. You eat lunch, too, and aside from the cute hippo lunch box, there's a lot of stuff in here that you can use, as well. I mean, unless hippos are your thing. Don't forget to LIKE One Hungry Mama on Facebook so that you can follow along as I document all of the Hungry Boy's school lunches (starting on Sept 10th!). And also check out last year's Back-to-School Lunch Gear Guide. There are many things on that list that I still love. In the meantime, here they are: my favorite non-toxic lunch boxes, baggies, and accessories for the 2012/13 school season. Happy lunching! S xo (MUCH more after the jump!)

Home cooked meals and the books that make them easy

Why, hello! I'm back. Did I forget to mention that I'd be gone? I did, didn't I? But I managed to pop in for a Mother's Day wish and slice of strawberry rhubarb upside down cake. That's something, right?! I'll take time out of any vacation to have a slice of cake with you. Doing so is one of my favorite things. As much as I missed you, Spain was wonderful. I've been before, but never to Barcelona. Have you? Have you seen la Sagrada Familia?! I've traveled quite a bit and have been lucky enough to see some truly amazing sights. Massive, golden Buddhas in Thailand, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Parthenon in Greece, but there was something about Sagrada Familia that took my breathe away like nothing else. Perhaps the two glasses of wine with lunch played a role, but nevertheless, it brought me to tears. Just look! (more and my favorite family cookbook picks after the jump)

The OHM Daily Craving

Have you been following along?! If not, it's time to catch up! Most every day on Facebook I post a daily craving, something food or kitchen related that I love, love, love. You can also keep track of my finds on Pinterest (and you don't even have to join Pinterest to check out my daily cravings—how easy is that?!) My picks are not sponsored. It's possible that one day I'll share something that was once provided to me for free. If ever that's the case, I'll let you know and you can rest assured that I'm passing it along because the product was a hit with me and/or the hungry kids. So far, though, I've just shared things that I love and a few that I covet. So, c'mon and join the fun. I want to hear from you, too! Let me know if you've tried something I haven't or love something as much as I do. You can even tell me if you hate something that I'm digging. It happens! (more after the jump)

{cravings} The OHM Daily Craving

I like pretty things. (Can you tell?!) And I especially like sharing pretty things with you. (Did you know?) I do it on Pinterest. (Do you follow me there?) Sometimes I do it on Twitter. (Maybe you're following One Hungry Mama on Twitter?) I definitely share pretty stuff on Cool Mom Picks. (Have you subscribed to the CMP newsletter?) But rarely on Facebook. And Facebook got sad. (Did you know Facebook could get sad? Me either!) So I said, "Hey Facebook, what if I share a daily craving—something I really love, something really pretty—on the One Hungry Mama Facebook page everyday Monday-Friday?" Facebook was stunned. "Really? You'll do that? In addition to all of the other stuff you do here, like post school lunch ideas, share food news, give on-the-fly advice and support to parents with questions about nutrition, eating habits and recipes?" (more after the jump)

{cravings} Pretty Cake Stands

Take a stand—a cake stand! Make it five cake stands. Why not? You deserve some pretty in your life. Check out Cool Mom Picks for five of my favorite cake stands. There's a little something for everyone, from the modernist to the traditionalist. I even threw in a glam black and white pedestal—ooh la la! Each one is more beautiful than the next and useful way beyond holding cake. (Really. I included a bunch of ideas for how to use cake stands, too.) Though, to be clear, cake holding is not a job to be taken lightly. (more after the jump)

{recipe & reads} Chocolate Zucchini Loaf and the Naptime Cookbook

I've known Kelsey Banfield, also known as The Naptime Chef, for a couple of years now. Somehow, though, it seems like we've been friends forever. Partly it's because we just plain get along. We also have similarly aged children. But there's something else: Kelsey's approach to cooking gives me the warm fuzzies. I can picture her, apron on, cooking and baking her version of classic recipes while her (adorable!) daughter naps. I guess there's just something about how Kelsey celebrates and revamps the recipes that she grew up with so that they are relevant recipes that her daughter will grow up with, too, that makes Kelsey feel familiar to me. Like an old friend who'll always be there with perfect blueberry muffins or a chocolate zucchini loaf when I really need it. (more after the jump)

2011 One Hungry Mama Gift Guide

Let the holiday shopping season begin! Check out the 2011 One Hungry Mama Holiday Gift Guide for affordable holiday gifts for the food lovers, big and small, in your life. You might even find a little something for yourself, too! This year's guide is low key—I wanted to spend more of my time giving you gifts than pointing you to buy them. But, let's face it, buying gifts is fun, too, especially when you find just the right thing. In fact, I had so much fun picking stuff for the upcoming 12 Days of Holiday Yum that I couldn't stop finding fab foodie-focused items. I also couldn't help but try and make your gift buying easier. So the One Hungry Mama Gift Guide had to live on. (more after the jump)

1 Day of Thanks, 12 Days of Giving

Dear friends, loyal readers, re-tweeters and acquaintances, old and new: Thank you. Thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, caring and all of the things you’ve done, whether repeatedly or one time only, to make One Hungry Mama our shared kitchen away from home. This year, instead of only posting about gifts I wanted to give gifts as a show of gratitude for the gifts you share with me every time you visit, try a recipe, post feedback or share One Hungry Mama with friends. So... starting December 5th I’m going to give away 12 fantastic gifts, 12 days in a row. (more after the jump)

{cravings} Halloween, Naturally!

I've been so busy trying to make find someone to make the Hungry Boy's Halloween costume—a cherry bomb from Pants vs. Zombies—that I nearly forgot about everything else Halloween. Like getting the Hungry Baby's costume—a daisy plant—and my own—a zombie. (Get it? We're the cast of a video game. And so begins Halloween in land of the boys.) Not to mention getting decorations up and treats gathered. Thankfully, there's still plenty of time. And, to help make things even easier, I've put together a quick guide to the best all-natural Halloween treats. (more after the jump)

{cravings} Eat Play Grow Table

I'm FREAKING OUT over how much I love this idea. Desgined by Ruth Vatcher, this vegetable or herb "growing table" was created to encourage children to grow and prep their own food. Placed inside a child's natural dwelling (the kitchen, their bedroom), Ruth's idea is to "integrate healthy living into a child’s life from a young age." (more after the jump)

{cravings} Back-to-School Lunch Gear Guide!

Pictured: my favorite Lock & Lock 5" x 5" / 29 oz / 4 compartment container, which I cannot seem to find on their site. They have many options, though, including a new eco-brand. Take a look! What? Who? Where am I?! It's already time to start thinking about back-to-school?! Wowzers! Though it's hard for me to believe, in some places I might even be a little behind schedule. (Thankfully that's not the case here in Brooklyn.) Whether school starts in just a couple of weeks or not for another month, I've got the goods you need to know about. These are (over 20 of!) my  favorite lunch boxes, baggies & accessories for the season. All non-toxic and BPA-free, many uber eco friendly. (full guide after the jump)

{cravings} Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds

These popsicle molds by Onyx have me swooning in eco-mama heaven: so chic and BPA-free! These babies will turn your favorite liquid concoction into a frosty treat in 3 or 4 hours. I know, it's no Zoku quick pop maker, but that's sooooo two years ago (when it was featured on the very first One Hungry Mama holiday gift guide). These may be old school, but with two important upgrades to make the perfect non-toxic pops: a silicone ring that holds the stick perfectly in place and a stand that holds six mod molds. (more, including where to buy, after the jump)

{cravings} Absolutely Fabulous Servingware

Where has the week gone?! I've got so many recipes and tidbits for you and no time to share them all! Sigh. Another afternoon slipped through my fingers, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for a new recipe. In the meantime, though, I had to share this uber super fabulous acrylic servingware. I'm IN LOVE with the lustrous jewel tones—I want every single piece! Just picture this: you've just served an amazing dinner and, after a little break in the sitting room (ahem!), you carry out a simple cake studded with summer fruit. ("What?! It was nothing!") Then, you whip out one of these cake knives and servers ($22 & $15 respectively, pictured above). Hello, fabulous! Most pieces are available in pink, orange, vibrant or lilac purple, one of two shades of blue, emerald and white. In addition to the cake serving pieces, you can pick up serving spoons ($18 ea, pictured after the jump)...

{food & learning} DIY Lemonade Stand Kit

What better way to connect food and learning—and pass a hot summer day—than by setting up a lemonade stand? Planning, creating, writing, counting, communicating and connecting with the good folks in your community: setting up a lemonade stand engages children in a rich educational experience. And, most importantly, is just plain fun. You don't need much to get a stand up and running. Lemons, water and sugar—strawberries, too, if you want to offer a pink version. Some chairs, paper and markers. If you want to craft it up a notch, you can also print up these ridiculously sweet (and free!) lemonade stand printables from one of my favorite party sites, One Charming Party (the same brilliant folks behind our favorite ice cream cone party hat). (more after the jump)