Back to school lunch recipes: Gluten-free lunch ideas

Keeping an eye on your kids' gluten intake doesn't have to consume you. Here are three easy gluten-free school lunch recipes for you to make life a little simpler.

{recipe flashback} New Year’s Eve Ideas Cocktail/Mocktail Pairs

Remember these drinks? Time to pull out the recipes tonight! I’m on vacation and have already made the mulled wine. Tonight we’re going with pomegranate and pear bellinis/sparklers. Whatever you eat or drink tonight, happy new year. Wishing you a healthy and fun-filled 2012 with lots of delicious, good-for-you eats. More soon, friends. Stacie, xox […]

{recipe} Coconut Mango Roast Chicken

I know what you're thinking. Roast chicken? Now? Yes, now. Before it gets too hot to turn on the oven. (We are not there, yet, people.) Plus, I dolled this roast chicken up with sunshiny coconut and mango. Pair it with an avocado and orange salad, rice and beans and limeade or a tamarindo agua fresca (spiked for mama and papa) and you've got a perfect early summer dinner. Yes, indeed. Hop on over to Babble for the recipe: Coconut Mango Roast Chicken (can be shared with kids 6+ mos)* and make it this weekend. (more after the jump)

{news} In Good Company

What can I say? I’m honored to be on the Babble Top 100 Food Mom Blogs, 2011. And humbled to be in such great company. Smart mamas. Great writers. Fabulous cooks. I’m most excited to have also made the Top 10 Healthiest Eating list. This group is working hard to change the way we feed […]

{recipe} Smoked Paprika Parsnip Chips

Really? Do I need to say much about these? Isn’t it obvious that this is a damn good idea? These Smoked Paprika Parsnip Chips make a delicious anytime snack, are a great way to show off the versatility of veggies to the little ones and are even great party food. The Oscar nominations were just […]

{cravings} Make-Your-Own Cupcake Book

The cuteness factor at Hello Hanna is kind of out of control. I wrote about their nifty keep-the-kiddos-entertained place mats on The Family Kitchen (a MUST have for eating out), but I also had to share their adorable Hello Books. These open-ended accordion book kits allow little ones to make their own story using removable […]

{recipe} Turkey and White Bean Chili

As I’ve confessed, I’m always tinkering with chili. For a long time, I was playing with recipes because mine weren’t quite right. Don’t get me wrong, they were good (like, really, good), but not exactly, perfectly right. Then, a little over a year ago, while making the Pioneer Woman’s Super Simple Beef Chili, I realized […]

{food for thought} Do The Changes to School Nutrition Guidelines Matter?

Last Thursday, long awaited changes to federal school nutrition guidelines were announced. It’s been 15 years since the last changes and, in that time, we’ve reached a point where 32% of children 6- to 19-years-old, many of whom eat breakfast and lunch at school, are overweight or obese. This has been a long time coming. […]

{parenting} Food, Kids and Body Image: My Own

Earlier this week I wrote about whether healthy family eating can help fight the growing eating disorder problem among young kids. Today, I’m getting more specific. And flipping the script by talking about my body image issues. In a One Hungry Mama first (she says nervously), I’ve written an essay about how my sons have […]

{parenting} The Power of Family Dinner

This week I posted two pieces on Babble at The Family Kitchen about how healthy family eating relates to our children’s health. The first, “Can Healthy Eating Help Fight the Growing Eating Disorder Problem Among Young Kids?” is a reaction to the apparent rise of eating disorders among young people. Really young people. Dr. David […]

{recipe} Escarole, White Bean & Meatball Soup

I used to say that I don’t like soup. No joke. It isn’t like I’ve never had a spectacular soup. I’ve had my mind blown by a perfect tom kha gai (Thai coconut chicken soup). Been stunned—in a good way—by the depth of flavor of a simple Turkish mint and red lentil soup. And have […]

{recipe} Birthday Cake Pops! And a story of self-kindness.

It’s January 7th. You’re probably back in your routine by now. Though I’m sure you’re busy, working at your usual hyperactive speed is a likely relief after the neck breaking, supersonic rate at which you were moving during the holidays. Not me. (Poor Stacie!) See, my older son’s birthday is in the first week of […]

{parenting} Easy Party Planning for Parents: 3 Questions To Choose the Perfect Eats

New year’s eve is coming up. Time to get wild! Yea right. (Who wants to place bets on whether I’ll be up at midnight?!) Things have changed since becoming a mom. And though I wasn’t always convinced, 4 years and 2 boys into this parenthood gig, I can confidently say for the better. Every once […]

{recipe} Homemade, All Natural Peppermint Magic Shell in 5 Minutes

Homemade Magic Shell (can be shared with kids 24+ mos*). All Natural. Flavored with peppermint, if you’re feeling festive. As in Candy Cane Sundae. This stuff writes itself. There’s no more to say. Get the recipe for my Peppermint Magic Shell and ideas for how to turn this treat into the easiest, most exciting holiday […]

{recipe} Christmas Struffoli with Christina of Take Back Your Table

There’s not much more I can say about Christina of the fab family food blog Take Back Your Table that I haven’t already said in my post on the Family Kitchen? Okay. There’s a lot more I could say, but it would just be over the top. Suffice it to say that Christina is a […]

{recipe} Sticky Toffee Pudding

I love Sticky Toffee Pudding, (can be shared with kids 24+ mos*). Like, really love it. I might even be obsessed with it. It’s dangerous and, just like with other dangerous foods (can you say doughnuts?), I keep my exposure limited. That way, when I go there, I can really go there. And enjoy every. […]