{12 Days of Yum} KitchenAid 7-Quart Stand Mixer Giveaway [CLOSED]

Well, friends, this is it. The last day of "The 12 Days of Yum" holiday giveaway series and, as promised, we're ending with a bang, PoP, POW. Today's giveaway is for the new KitchenAid 7-quart stand mixer in YOUR choice of red, silver or black. I. Covet. This. Mixer! (more after the jump)

{12 Days of Yum!} Japanese Home Cooking Starter Kit [CLOSED]

Tomorrow is the last day of the 12 Days of Yum and, of course, we'll culminate with a big bang courtesy of KitchenAid. I saved this giveaway, though, for nearly the end because it's my personal highlight. It may not make quite the splash that tomorrow's giveaway will, but it's the height of this series for me. Today's giveaway is what giving is all about: keeping others in your thoughts, learning about them, engaging with the things that are meaningful to them. Anyone can spend a little money, give a gift and walk away. But carrying the people to whom you're giving in your heart is what makes it meaningful... for them and also for you. Today's giveaway is a Japanese Home Cooking Starter Kit complete with a Japanese Delicacies Sampler box courtesy of fine foods purveyor Marx Foods and a copy of Peko Peko: Family-Friendly Japanese Recipes a cookbook to support Japan's recovery. I published Peko Peko with the help of a long list of people without whom it simply would not have been possible. Even still, I've purchased every $29.95 (USD) copy that I own or have given away—including the one that will go to the winner of this contest—with my own money. One hundred percent of the proceeds, $11.45 of every (USD) sale, goes to the GlobalGiving Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund and every penny counts. Even today. But this isn't just about the money. Sure, this giveaway adds one more donation to the pot, but I hope that it also inspires you to learn about Japanese cooking and culture. I want this starter kit to demystify Japanese cooking and help familiarize you with authentic Japanese ingredients. Food brings us closer together and I hope that making it easy for you to play with Japanese flavors at home brings you closer to a rich, deep, gorgeous culture and people who, more than ever, needed us this year. (more after the jump)

{12 Days of Yum} 4 Months of Free Yogurt from Chobani! [CLOSED]

Chobani is bringing the YUM to the "12 Days of Yum"—not just once, but FOUR times over! As you might expect, I'm a sucker for Greek-style yogurt. But, having tried the real deal made by family (yes, my family) from from their very own animals, I have high expectations. I've tried all of the brands and, to be honest, there are more than one that are good. In fact, I used to comfortably go between a couple of brands depending on what was available. Until I tried Chobani. I love this stuff and if you don't also, you will. In the spirit of holiday giving, Chobani wants to help with your grocery bill by providing: (more after the jump)

{12 Days of Yum} Oxo Giveaway!! [CLOSED]

Rummaging through my kitchen you'll find more tools from Oxo than any other company. My guess is that you don't need me to explain why. You already know that Oxo makes some of the most effective, comfortable, easy-to-use kitchen gear that money can buy. And I know that you guys love Oxo as much as I do. Oxo was founded on a philosophy of Universal Design, a concept that anything that can be designed should be done so to be usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of age, race, gender or physical ability. While it isn't possible to design everything to be perfect for everyone, the idea is to create something that works well for the broadest spectrum of users. Oxo's dedication to Universal Design—combined with their knowledge of housewares, intuition about what we need at home and, best of all, their sense of humor—are what make them so awesome. That, and the fact that they want to give one of you an amazing holiday gift! (more after the jump)

{12 Days of Yum} Rifle Paper Co. Giveaway: Gorgeous Print, Recipe Cards & Calendar [CLOSED]

I've been waiting for this giveaway!!! Rifle Paper Co. makes some of the prettiest stationery and home things I've ever seen. I discovered them last year when I ordered personalized holiday cards from them. I was amazed at how perfectly they captured us with drawings that have only dots for eyes and mouths. It's amazing—people actually called me upon receiving our card to tell me how much they loved it! And Rifle Paper Co. doesn't just make stationery. They make gorgeous coasters, lovely prints (I love this children's "Ant" print!) and this lovely heirloom recipe box. I told you that they make the prettiest things ever!! And, one of you lucky lovelies will get a sweet fruit-themed package of goodies from Rifle Paper Co. including: (more after the jump)

{12 Days of Yum} MightyNest Glass Food Storage Giveaway [CLOSED]

If you’re hungry kiddo is around, oh, 5-years-old, you probably remember the initial outrage over then-mysterious Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical banned in Europe that laced our kids’ sippy cups, spoons, toys, food storage containers and more. Dueling news stories reported that BPA was found in trace amounts that were safe and that it was actually quite toxic. It was scary and confusing. If you ask me, the stuff should be banned here, too. It’s that simple. But short of that, and despite a whole lot of green washing, we’ve come a long way. We’re all much more informed and aware about BPA and other toxic materials used to make the things that fill our house. We are not easily appeased or convinced that these chemicals are safe. We know better and are helping each other know better. Out of this parent-driven demand for safer products have come resources like MightyNest, my favorite one-stop resource for all-natural, organic and non-toxic kid and kitchen products. All of the products on MightyNest are free from known toxic ingredients such as BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, melamine, formaldehyde, flame retardants and parabens. The folks there even go so far as to interview each manufacturer about product ingredients, overall manufacturing processes and safety testing. If there is even one slight component that doesn’t meet their criteria, they will not sell the product. These folks are serious about making sure your kiddos stay as healthy as possible and they are giving you a little holiday something-something to prove it. (more after the jump)

{12 Days of Yum} Baker’s Delight: Food52 Cookbook + EatSmart Kitchen Scale + Bob’s Red Mill [CLOSED]

*None of these products/brands are affiliated. I've packaged them together independently When I first started developing recipes, I focused almost exclusively on savory cooking. Even before I mastered technique, I could braise, roast, fry, sauté or steam nearly anything and make it taste good. But bake stuff? Not so much. It took me nearly a year to start experimenting with baking. Once I did, I was hooked. Not everything I do is great—I’m still learning—but I’ve come to love that I can’t just taste and go by instinct. I don’t have baking instincts! I’ve had to develop a whole new approach than the one I take to cooking. I do more research, focus more intensely on chemistry and practice being exacting, something I used to resent doing. Learning how to bake is a challenge that is making me a better cook. What’s all this have to do with today’s giveaway? I designed this package with home bakers in mind, but then I got to thinking: this is as much for those of you who are afraid of baking, the way that I was. This package—an EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, high-quality baking ingredients from Bob’s Red Mill, and the Food52 Cookbook, the manual for home cooks and bakers—is a great starter kit for anyone who’s ready to jump into baking. And what better time of year to start getting serious about your baked goods?! (more after the jump)

{12 Days of Yum} Chocolate Overload from Scharffen Berger + Deluxe Double-Chocolate Cookies [CLOSED]

Calling all chocolate lovers! This one from Scharffen Berger is for you. Do I need to say anything else? You chocolate geeks already know Scharffen Berger and their amazing artisan chocolates. The rest of you chocoholics just need to know that this is some of the best damn chocolate you can get your hands on, especially for baking (something I do with these products more often than I should!). Simply choosing Scarffen Berger makes your dessert better. If you can’t turn that down, I’ll meet you after the jump to tell you what’s in this amazing Chocolate Overload prize pack (and share a recipe for amazing Deluxe Double-Chocolate Cookies). If you can turn this down, well, there’s hope even for the craziest among us! (more after the jump)

{12 Days of Yum} Big Bundle of My Favorite Cookbooks for the Family Cook [CLOSED]

Being the cookbook geek that I am, I’m over the moon about this giveaway. I hand-selected each and every book that the winner of this contest will receive and, well, I’m jealous. In fact, I’ve been carefully storing these books in my office and let’s just say that it’s been near torture to not grab ‘em, crack the spines and get cooking. I’ll just have to leave that to you! Here are my current favorite cookbooks for the family cook included in this seven book bonanza: (more after the jump)

{12 Days of Yum} Barilla Holiday Giveaway [CLOSED]

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Barilla. First and foremost, they make high-quality products that I use in my own kitchen. On top of that, they are a fourth-generation family owned business with a demonstrated commitment to family. The company has started “Share the Table,” a family dinner project; has commissioned a white paper on the benefits of the family dinner; has turned their site into a resource for making family meals a manageable reality; and has created Piccolini, a line of healthy pastas for children (see why my family loves Piccolini here). Oh, and Barilla has given the One Hungry Mama community what might be the greatest gift of all time: foolproof instructions on how to cook and pre-cook (!) pasta perfectly. Barilla believes that family dinner is vital to a healthy family life, and that food and the ways that we share it are what make a family strong. With values like that, how could they not be part of the One Hungry Mama 12 Days of Yum?! I’m thrilled to let you know that Barilla is offering one of you lucky readers a pasta-rrific gift package including: (more after the jump)

{12 Days of YUM} Green Toys Giveaway [CLOSED]

I’m thrilled to be launching the 12 Days of Yum with Green Toys, one of my favorite toymakers ever. That’s right people, ever. Why so enthusiastic? Well, first off, I’m a sucker for values-driven companies. I know from developing my own packaged food brand that it can be daunting to value sustainability and also be in the business of mass-producing packaged goods. But when you do it right, you do much more than just put fab new products into the world. You also create a model for a better way of doing business. That’s exactly what Green Toys is doing. Plus they make great feeding gear and food and kitchen toys. Do they know the way to my heart, or what? As part of the One Hungry Mama 12 Days of Yum, Green Toys is generously giving one of you lucky readers a package that includes their: (more after the jump)

12 Days of Holiday Yum—How It Works [CLOSED]

Let the giveaway fun commence! From December 12-15—that's right now!—One Hungry Mama is celebrating the holidays Oprah style. Everyday for these 12 days I'm giving away something from one of my favorite brands (and y'all know I'm picky)! Check the One Hungry Mama home page every morning for a new giveaway or scroll through all of them by clicking here. Joining the fun is simple: all you have to do is leave a comment with your answer to the giveaway question. Each giveaway has a different question, so read carefully! (more after the jump)

2011 One Hungry Mama Gift Guide

Let the holiday shopping season begin! Check out the 2011 One Hungry Mama Holiday Gift Guide for affordable holiday gifts for the food lovers, big and small, in your life. You might even find a little something for yourself, too! This year's guide is low key—I wanted to spend more of my time giving you gifts than pointing you to buy them. But, let's face it, buying gifts is fun, too, especially when you find just the right thing. In fact, I had so much fun picking stuff for the upcoming 12 Days of Holiday Yum that I couldn't stop finding fab foodie-focused items. I also couldn't help but try and make your gift buying easier. So the One Hungry Mama Gift Guide had to live on. (more after the jump)