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make it easy: 120 mix-and-match recipes to cook from scratch—with smart store-bought shortcuts when you need them

Make It Easy Book

A cookbook for family cooks that encourages scratch cooking without dogma, and also understands that parents still care about healthy, natural food even when they can’t go fully homemade.

It seems a divide has developed over the last few years. On one side, there’s a focus on convenience without much regard for what we’re putting on our children’s plates and in their bodies. On the other, folks are promoting an organic, scratch cooking only food movement and lifestyle that can be burdensome for busy, working parents to implement—and then they feel bad about not getting it right!

In an effort to bring the conversation to the middle—and fed up with the way that parents constantly judge each other over food—I set out to create a flexible guide to the family kitchen that honors the need for convenience without giving up on scratch cooking or diligence around the ingredients that we put in our and our children’s bodies.

Make It Easy empowers home cooks to make healthy meals however it works for them, no judgement. It offers recipes to make incredible homemade meals with everything from scratch and weeknight on-the-fly solutions so that getting dinner on the table in 15 minutes is actually possible. Both options. In the same cookbook.

Each of the recipes in the book comes with a list of every other recipe with which it can be paired—so you can make an endless number of meals from mixing and matching the 120 recipes offered. Every recipe also has notes on how to make it entirely homemade, or where you can use shortcuts from the exhaustive supermarket guide, which includes lists of specific brands and products that help parents find the healthiest store-bought help. Because sometimes scratch is just not possible, but keeping our families healthy always is.

Make it Easy book

“There are some nights where you might be able to make your own enchilada sauce, and others when reaching for the can is what allows you to get dinner on the table. Stacie’s delicious recipes walk the sought-after line between sophisticated and kid-friendly, and her useful tips will help you to be a happier, smarter cook.”

−Katie Workman, Author of Dinner Solved! and The Mom 100 Cookbook

“The author has created 120 modern dishes that “mix and match” with others in the book, removing the stress of combining dishes for nourishing meals. She also offers healthy snacks for children, satisfying breakfast ideas, no-cook dinners, a few vegetarian options, and much more. The recipes are practical, easy to follow, and delicious. VERDICT Thoughtful, forthright prose and creative cooking ideas that will appeal to a range of cooks makes this ideal for the beginner who seeks inspiration and confidence.”

−excerpt from Library Journal, starred review