Easiest 2-ingredient Chocolate Croissants

August 2, 2016

2-ingredient Chocolate Croissants: A store-bought hack so that you can have chocolate croissants any time you want! | One Hungry Mama

Sometimes you just need a chocolate croissant. With this supermarket hack, you can have them easily whenever you want.

Yes, easily. This is a good thing, right?

I especially love this recipe at this time of year because they’re great for baking a “special” breakfast in a summer vacation rental—they require so few ingredients and the kids can help. They also make a quick breakfast or after school treat that will make the kids happy on those first busy back-to-school days.


Use this easy hack to turn two ingredients into warm Chocolate Croissants any time you want them | One Hungry Mama

But, yea, let’s be honest: These are great all year around.


To make this recipe, all you need is your favorite pop ‘n bake crescent dough and some chocolate. I did a ton of research for the supermarket guide in my book Make It Easy and list several all-natural crescent dough brands. My favorite—probably because it’s the easiest to get by me—is the one from Immaculate Baking. For the chocolate, I find that good old fashioned Hershey’s Bars break into the perfect size pieces to fit into the crescent shapes.

Watch the video for how to put the two ingredients together and then stock up.

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