3-ingredient Pepperoni Pizza Sticks: The back to school lunch recipe that wins it all!

August 23, 2016

What a super fun school lunch idea: Pepperoni Pizza Sticks made with only three store-bought ingredients! | One Hungry Mama

The best school lunches are the ones that you can make ahead and that the kids love (as in, no soggy sandwiches!). These Pepperoni Pizza Sticks fit the bill perfectly. And they’re only made with three store-bought ingredients.

Major score.


Three ingredients and you've got these super fun Pepperoni Pizza Sticks, the school lunch recipe that wins them all! | One Hungry Mama

These hardly take any time to prep thanks to one of my favorite store-bought shortcuts, all-natural crescent dough. Pop open a can and combine with some all-natural pepperoni and a mozzarella cheese stick. Other than brushing the top of the pizza stick with a bit of egg wash before baking, that’s all you need.


Watch the video to see my how-to—there’s no formal recipe required because these are so easy!—and also get my favorite all-natural brands. And remember: Bake according to your package directions. By the time the crescent roll dough is beautifully golden brown, the cheese will be melty and perfect!

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  1. Thank you!! The pizza sticks look so delicious and easy to eat. A great choice for kid’s lunch!!

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