Best summer drink recipes to stay hydrated in the most delicious way.

July 12, 2016

Top 5 summer drink recipes to beat the heat in the most delicious way. | One Hungry Mama

I recently  tracked my eating habits and came with these 5 small diet changes that made a big change in my energy and appetite, which I shared over at Cool Mom Eats. One of the things I learned about myself: I’m terrible at drinking enough water. I’m not sure why since I love water and am certainly not one of those people who feels like they need “more.” Yet I can never seem to get quite enough.

So even though I’m happy enough drinking water, I’ve decided that this summer I’m going to also treat myself to fun drinks that can serve as both hydration and snack. That way, I can sip on refreshing drinks that keep me cool and hydrated, and also stop me from eating ice cream non-stop. (Because I may also have a frozen dessert problem.)

Genius, right?!


These are my top 5 favorite drinks to stay healthy, refreshed, and feeling good all summer long. Watch for links to the recipes, or just follow these quick links:

#5. Fruit Infused Water
I know that I said plain water is just fine for me—and it is!—but flavored water actually motivates me to drink. So infused water I make. Check out all of my favorite fruit and fruit/herb combinations.


Chai-Spiced Pina Colada: As good as a mocktail as it is a cocktail | One Hungry Mama

#4. Chai Spice Pina Colada
A tropical drink that is as satisfying as a cocktail as it is a mocktail. You must make this at least once this summer. Trust me: You’ll be happy you did.

#3. Coconut Date Smoothie
My #1 absolute smoothie recipe of all time. This is THE one.

#2. Matcha Green Tea Milkshake
Because it’s not summer without milkshakes! This one has a healthier twist that you can feel good about. Or, you know, a little better about. Ha!


Blackberry Lychee Julep: The perfect frozen summer cocktail recipe | One Hungry Mama

#1. Blackberry and Lychee Juleps
And for when those of you who are over 21 are craving a cocktail, there is this. You’re welcome.

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