How to make an Ice Cream Cake. (It’s as easy as pie!)

June 30, 2016

How to make an ice cream cake | One Hungry Mama

There’s something magical about ice cream cakes. Like “How’d they make that?” kind of magical. I allowed myself t0 believe that, like Santa, ice cream cakes just appeared bearing goodness. That is, until I decided to make one.

It turns out that making ice cream cake is really easy, even without a recipe. And homemade ice cream cakes are just as magical as Cookie Puss (where my East Coasters at?!). It’s just that now I’m the magician, choosing killer flavor combinations and decadent fillings.

I can get down with this.

I was inspired to make an ice cream cake by this post on Food52: How to Make an Ice Cream Cake Without a Recipe. It demystifies the process in the best way. Instead of feeling crestfallen (Cookie Puss isn’t real?!), I felt a hunger for the power to come up with the most delicious ice cream combinations ever.

Coffee and chocolate ice cream layered with salted caramel in between.

Double layers of Banana Whamma with marshmallow cream and fresh banana between them. (Don’t forget Nila Wafers on top!)

Buttery gingersnap crumbs sandwiched between fresh lime ice cream and simple vanilla ice cream.

I ended up going classic for my first ice cream cake: chocolate cookie crumb crust with vanilla and mint chocolate chip ice cream layers with chocolate sauce in between. You can frost an ice cream cake with regular buttercream frosting, but I opted for an all-natural whipped topping (fancy for the Whole Foods version of Cool Whip). I drizzled more chocolate sauce on top and dotted the cake with peanut butter covered pretzels. You know, because they were there.

Once you make a crust (combine cookie crumbs with melted, cooled butter and press into a pie plate or springform pan), making an ice cream cake is as easy as layering softened ice cream with time in between for the layers to freeze. It’s a cinch, though it does require you to be around for a few hours.

Hop on over to Food52 to get the full instructions. They’ve already done a bang up job of explaining the steps. No need for me to reinvent the cake.

Enjoy! xo

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  1. You make a big point of using organic milk, but then use log cabin syrup? Fail.

  2. If you don’t starve yourself and eat when ever you feel hungry, you won’t have gastric problems.

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