Make-Your-Own Guacamole Bar!

May 26, 2016



DIY Make-Your-Own-Guacamole Bar is a super fun way to serve guac at a party—or get your picky eaters to start liking avocado! | One Hungry Mama

By now you guys know that my family and I are obsessed with avocados and, hands down, the best way to eat them? Guacamole. (Duh.)

We eat some version of guacamole at least once a week—and, yes, I consider mashed avocado with salt and lime juice guac, so long as I’ve got chips or a warm tortilla within reach—so I knew that I had to include guacamole in my cookbook, Make It Easy. My first instinct was to include a classic version, but that felt a little boring. So I thought, how about a smoky version with cheddar? That seemed too out there, at least on its own. Tropical guacamole with mango or pineapple struck me as a happy medium, but then I felt bereaved that there wouldn’t also be a classic version and an out there version. So I went with all three: Guacamole 3 ways.

Here’s the thing. Though I managed to settle on three recipes for the book, there are too many other ways to make guacamole to end the story there. So, the minute I had the chance to work with my new sponsor, La Morena, I knew what had to be done. More guacamole.

If you aren’t already familiar with La Morena, they produce a line of chiles, peppers, and refried beans. The quality taste of their homestyle products landed them a mention in the Supermarket Guide of Make It Easywhere I list my favorite brands and products for healthier store-bought shortcuts—and that was before I had the chance to work with them. So, while this video is sponsored (thank you, La Morena!), it’s important to me that you guys know that I have been a paying customer and fan of their products since before partnering, and will continue to be long after. I especially love their preservative-free pickled jalapeños and chipotles in adobo, which are—you guessed it—perfect for guacamole.

As soon as I agreed to work with La Morena, I started dreaming up new versions of guacamole. I shared a few ideas with the boys and then they started sharing their ideas, too. And suddenly it occurred to me: Everyone should get to eat guacamole as they wish. And this Make-Your-Own-Guacamole Bar was born.

This idea is incredibly fun and perfect for a party, small get-together, or even just a weekend dinner when my boys and I can linger over a meal. That’s obvious. But what may be less so is that this idea is also a great way to encourage kids, especially picky eaters, to eat more nutrient-dense avocado. Even if they refuse it plain or on toast, believe me that if you set out avocado—maybe pre-mashed, maybe with a fork so that they can go town on their own—along with tons of mix-in’s that they can control and a huge pile of chips, you will see some guacamole go down the hatch.

Watch the video for a full list of ideas of what to put out for your Make-Your-Own Guacamole Bar, but also get creative! Aside from some must-have staples—lime, pico de gallo, onion, pickled jalapeños and chipotles—you can also include nuts, seeds, cheese, fruit, and even bacon (so good with chipotles and cheddar!).

The possibilities are endless, which is why we will keep eating guacamole forevermore.

-Let me know! What are your favorite ingredients to mix into guacamole? I want to try them!-

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Disclosure: This video is sponsored by La Morena, however these ideas are my own. Thanks for watching!

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