5 affordable kitchen tools that help save you time.

May 20, 2016

Affordable kitchen tools that help you move faster while cooking | One Hungry Mama

I know that you guys are used to hearing that recipes are easy, that they only take 30-minutes, that they are so much simpler than anything you’ve done before—only to find that none of these things are true. It’s frustrating, and while the issue isn’t always a matter to false marketing—it’s hard to describe a recipe in a way that will be accurate for cooks at all skill levels—there is a lot of that. So when I decided to call my book Make It Easy, I also decided that it had to live up to that to as many readers as possible.

I worked really hard to deliver on the promise of easy and, whatever your experience with my book, I promise that the title is not just for show.

The book is packed with both recipes and tips designed to make more cooking more accessible (and maybe even more fun?) to busy home cooks, especially ones who don’t love being in the kitchen—or perhaps who have lost their love for it, because oh-what-a-chore it’s become.


Best kitchen tools for the family kitchen: Affordable and multipurpose, these tools help busy home cooks move faster in the kitchen | One Hungry Mama

Photo: Naomi McColloch

One of the sections of Make It Easy is dedicated to kitchen tools that I think every busy home cook should own. These aren’t the gadgets you might find on your favorite foodie or food-nerd sites and they also aren’t the high-end tools recommended in your favorite coffee table cookbooks. Rather, my suggestions are affordable tools that can serve more than one purpose to make cooking more efficient.


To give you a sneak peek, here I share my top five favorite tools that I believe can help you move faster in the kitchen. They are all related to chopping because, well, chopping is what tends to slow home cooks down most. It’s certainly why that 30 minute meal took you longer. (Remember: We recipe developers have good knife skills by trade; what takes us 30 minutes will probably take you a little longer.)

Watch to check out each of my favorite time-saving tools in action, and here are some helpful links (from my affiliate Amazon) if you decide to purchase any, starting, of course, with Make It Easy.

** Make It Easy: 120 Mix-and-Match Recipes to Cook From Scratch—with Smart Store-Bought Shortcuts When You Need Them
** Garlic Press
** Kitchen Shears
** Mandoline
** Microplane Zest Grater
** Microplane Coarse Grater
** My favorite knives by Global

I’m sure you guys have kitchen tools that you can’t live without, too. What are they and why?

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