How to pack avocado toast for school lunch.

April 5, 2016

How to pack avocado toast for school lunch (so that it doesn't get messy and brown): My foolproof method | One Hungry Mama

I often pack avocado toast for my boys for school lunch and, whenever I share the pic on my Facebook page (where I share tons of school lunch ideas, by the way), I get the same question. . . over and over:

How can you pack avocado toast without it getting mushy and brown and plain yucky.

Well, here’s how.

Watch for my foolproof method. And when I say foolproof, I mean it. Avocado toast never comes home uneaten, and this from boys who won’t eat a banana with a brown spot.

I’m so thankful for this technique since my boys don’t believe in avocado in the mornings (unless blended into a smoothie). Now, I can pack this as a nutritious, meatless lunch whenever and know that they’ll come home with another veggie checked off the list, which relieves some dinner pressure. Phew!

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4 Responses

  1. Gowri says:

    It looks cool. I am going to try it right away. Btw the lunch box looks good too. Can you let me know where you got that lunch box from?

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  3. mabel says:

    Hi, where did you get the metallic lunch box?

  4. Mabel: It’s a PlanetBox – – we love it!!

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