3 creative ways to pack vegetables for school lunch.

April 13, 2016

3 creative ways to pack vegetables in school lunch | One Hungry Mama

One of the things that stresses me out most is when my kids haven’t had veggies all day and I have to throw together a dinner that gets in all of their daily servings. Talk about pressure! And for them as much as for me. After all, by dinner, we’re all tired and hungry. Nobody wants to force—or be forced to eat—veggies.

One of my favorite tricks for avoiding this is to pack plenty of vegetables in school lunch. I purposely use a lunch container with 4 compartments so that I can always pack a main, a fruit, a veggie and a snack—and the veggie is usually raw cut up carrots, peppers, cucumbers, radish, etc—but then sometimes, I add veggies to the main, as well.

These 3 creative ideas for how to pack veggies in school lunch help you get an extra helping of veggies in the main of school lunch. And then, you can relax at dinnertime.


Here are some quick links if you need them: how to pack avocado toast in school lunch and (a great way to use leftovers) rice and grain bowls.

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  1. Judy Blythe says:

    Going to help with my 4 grandchildren in August when their Mom goes back to work. Wanted ideas for packing healthy lunches and yours have been the best. What type of lunch box are you using?

  2. One Hungry Mama says:

    It’s a lunchbox from Planetbox(.com). We love them and the come in other sizes, too. Definitely check them out. Also, if you follow along on Facebook (Facebook.com/onehungrymama), I post nearly daily school lunches (and even camp lunches through July). Hopefully that will help keep the ideas rolling all year! So glad you found me, Judy!

  3. It must be fun. Thank you for sharing!

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