How to put together Make-Ahead Smoothie Packs

January 12, 2016

Everyone says that making smoothies is so easy. While it’s true, nobody understand JUST how easy something has to be in order for busy parents to fit it into the hectic weekday morning schedule until they are a busy parent themselves. If you are, you know that pulling out the blender and measuring ingredients while also trying to get kids dressed, fed, and out the door for school is no small feat. So making smoothies in the morning? Not always as easy as it sounds. Unless you’ve got these smoothie packs on hand.

Make-ahead smoothie packs totally change the smoothie game. With everything pre-measured, frozen, and ready to go, making smoothies becomes a much more realistic endeavor, even on the busiest mornings. And putting these together won’t even take up much time. All you need are freezer-safe baggies and an extra 10-minutes anytime you can find it.

How to put together make-ahead Smoothie Packs for easier smoothie making on busy weekday mornings | One Hungry Mama

Watch the video for how I put together these easy make-ahead smoothie packs and for a few of my favorite smoothie ingredient combinations. Here are a whole bunch of recipes from the archive to get you started, too:


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Apple Pie Smoothie

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Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

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Green Cardamom Smoothie

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Coconut Date Smoothie

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Coconut Mango Smoothie

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Strawberry Lychee Mint Smoothie


Best Smoothie Cookbooks | Smoothie-licious by Jenna Helwig | Cool Mom Eats

And if you’re a die-hard smoothie maker (or want to be!) you have to check out my three favorite smoothie cookbooks. I can’t live without these guys—and they each serve a separate purpose!


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