Back-to-school mornings: Top 5 quick, healthy breakfast recipes.

August 25, 2015

It’s back to school and everyone is talking about school lunch. I get it: packing a lunchbox day after day can feel like a seriously thankless chore. For me, though, figuring out quick, healthy breakfasts for busy school day mornings is the big challenge. After an enthusiastic start, I inevitably find it hard to sustain a morning routine of anything more than smoothies and a bowl of cereal. Not very inspired, which is why, this school year, I want to help you—and myself!—by collecting quick, healthy breakfast recipes that we can rely on all year long in one place.

Look no further.

My Top 5 Quick, Healthy Breakfast Recipes are definitely the place to start. The recipes in this video are my go-to lifesavers. They are easy, my kids like them, and they have sustained the test of time. You can’t ask for more.

Oh wait: Yes you can! And they are delicious, too.

These 5 recipes will be the foundation of your busy weekday morning routine, but there’s more.

Cardamom Apple Pecan Oatmeal Muffins | One Hungry Mama

Remember last year when I had to reign in my boys’ cereal problem? Here’s the morning breakfast plan that helped me regain control of our morning meal. It worked like a charm and still is. If your kids beg for cereal every morning or you’ve somehow defaulted to that (it happens), you have to check this out. Plus, there’s a recipe for Cardamom Apple Pecan Muffins.


Healthy Breakfast Donut recipe | One Hungry Mama

Once I took control of breakfast, I needed a kick ass breakfast meal plan that I could execute brainlessly. Because that’s how I am in the morning, especially before I’ve had coffee: totally brainless. This is a two-week breakfast plan, complete with recipes, plus additional ideas for both quick and make-ahead morning recipes that will fuel your family for busy weekdays. And, then, there’s a recipe for One Bowl Whole Grain Breakfast Pear Muffins. Yup, now I see you going.


Lemon Maple Overnight Oatmeal | One Hungry Mama

Breakfast recipes are great—important, even!—but, lets be honest, sometimes you just need to pour a bowl of cereal or grab something store-bought. It’s not as bad as it sounds with more and more brands offering healthy supermarket options—you just need to know how to find them. Last year I spoke with a nutritionist who helped put together advice on how to choose healthy breakfast foods at the store.

Hopefully, all these tips, recipes, and ideas will get you off to a good start on good starts. Here we go!




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  1. Ganhar Massa says:

    Very good!

    I loved this recipe, I will do here at home.

  2. These are fantastic ideas!! Thank you! One thing my kids love is Eggy Cakes. You can make them ahead and quickly heat them in the morning. Here’s the recipe:

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