Top 5 school lunch recipes: From gluten-free to make-ahead ideas and more

July 28, 2015

It’s hard to believe that back-to-school season is about to kick off. And, around these parts, back-to-school means school lunch. We still have a little time, but we’re going to warm up by looking back. These are my top 5 school lunch recipes and ideas. My all-stars.

There is a ton of inspiration in these videos from gluten-free to make-ahead school lunches and ideas for how to use leftovers and think beyond the sandwich. It’s a lot—but the year is also long.

Top 5 school lunch ideas: Tons of ideas from gluten-free to make-ahead | One Hungry Mama

There will many more school lunch videos and posts to come, but these ideas are the perfect way to get your feet wet again.

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  1. Edwina Balthazar says:

    Love love love your ideas. But where can we get that AWESOME lunch box??

  2. Sandra says:

    If you love non-toxic and steel containers… check out for plastic-free alternatives in various bento styles.

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