Easter S’mores: Easy Easter treat, even for the last minute

March 31, 2015

Easter is around the corner and, honestly, I haven’t given it a thought! Good thing that I have these easy Easter S’mores in my back pocket. They are a perfect last-minute treat for either an Easter dessert spread or Easter basket, but they don’t look last-minute, if you know what I mean. In fact, you can see that I’ve made these Chocolate Covered S’mores before. Just change the color of the sprinkles or dip them in dark or milk chocolate instead and, presto, they’re good for any celebration (I make them for birthdays all the time)—or any day.

Yea, that’s the good news, or maybe it’s the bad: These are easy enough to enjoy any day, any time.

Easter S'mores recipe | One Hungry Mama

Making these festive, indoor s’mores is a cinch. You basically line graham crackers on a parchment lined baking sheet, top each with a marshmallow, and put the whole glorious scene under the broiler until the marshmallows get toasted golden brown. Remove the baking sheet from the broiler and sandwich the melty marshmallows with another graham cracker. Let those sit while you melt candy melts per the instructions on the package and, once the candy coating is cool enough to touch, dip the graham-marshmallow sandwiches in it, covering them completely. Sprinkle with color and joy, allow them to cool until the chocolate coating hardens, and you’re in business.

It’s crazy good and, look, this is all you need:

Easter S'mores ingredients | One Hungry Mama

Watch out Easter bunny.

For more details on how to make these, along with step-by-step pictures, check out my original post on Chocolate Covered S’mores. Or watch the video. You’ll see the whole process in action, which makes it even more clear how simple these are to make.

Oh, and one last thing: I feel terrible that in the video I say that I “came up” with this technique for making indoor S’mores. Once I start blabbing, I’m just talking to you guys and not paying all that much attention (well, at least until recipe time!). In fact, I got this idea from the venerable Pioneer Woman. She is the OG—but you probably knew that already.

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