Treats for your sweets: Valentine’s Day recipes for all day long

February 12, 2015

All-natural Red Velvet Pancakes for Valentine's Day | One Hungry Mama

Valentine’s Day isn’t what it used to be before kids. But it is full of love—more than I’ve ever known and that’s good enough for me. So, these days, instead of expecting to be taken out to a romantic dinner, I cook. Slowly. So that I can feel the love. The love that I put into my family’s meals and the love that drives me to feed them. Because food is love and the best way to my boys’ hearts is through their stomachs. That’s the truth.

I hope that no matter where you are, who you are with, or what your family and life look like, you feel the love this Valentine’s Day. And if you want to cook to express that love, here are a some recipes for every meal of the day that will hit the spot like Cupid’s arrow.


Valentine's Day breakfast recipe: Kiss Me Pancakes | One Hungry Mama
There’s no better way to start Valentine’s Day than with pancakes (and it’s on Saturday this year—perfect!). I made the all-natural pink pancakes (pictured top) for July 4th, but they are a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day, too. If you don’t want to deal with color, even the all-natural kind, whip up these XO pancakes that I created for Parents magazine as part of an article on Valentine’s Day treats that send a sweet message. The piece also includes stamped cookies, chocolate love letters, and more!


Smoothie Breakfast Bowl recipe | One Hungry Mama

This Smoothie Breakfast Bowl is another breakfast that sets the mood with it’s pink hue. It also has mega health power and will super boost your love day.


Valentine's Day snack recipes: Pink Strawberry Milk | One Hungry Mama

Serve up this all-natural Pink Milk at snack time or with lunch for a fun surprise. This tasty sip will have them feeling the love and tasting the strawberries. Yum!


Family Friendly Valentine's Day dinners from Ashley Rodriguez | Not Without Salt

Photo: Boone Rodriguez

Dinner time is my favorite time on Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect chance to be together and exchange “I love you’s” all the way around. The only hard part is figuring out what to make that feels special and every one will love.

Problem solved! I interviewed Not Without Salt blogger, Ashley Rodriguez, for Cool Mom Picks about what to make for Valentine’s Day. After all, as a mom and the author of Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship, one of my favorite family cookbooks of 2014, I figured that she is an expert.

Ashley came up with three family-friendly Valentine’s Day dinner recipes that are special enough to make a romantic meal, but also easy to share with kids. Check out her suggestions, how she serves them to the kids, puts them to bed, and then enjoys a romantic adult dinner date. Then copy her.


OneHungryMama Valentine's Day brownies

After dinner is the best part: dessert. One easy idea is to make XO Brownies using your favorite brownie recipe. You gotta love chocolate that says, “I love you.” Literally.


Valentine's Day dessert recipes: Chocolate Pear and Pistachio Tart recipe | One Hungry Mama

If you want to get fancy, try making this Chocolate Pear and Pistachio Tart. It takes a bit of work compared to brownies, but a chocolate tart shell filled with silky custard, in-seaon pears, and chopped pistachios would get me in the mood. Meow!

In addition to these recipes, I also rounded up a bunch of awesome recipes at Cool Mom Picks. Like…

Homemade Valentine's Day food gifts at Cool Mom Picks: Painted Heart Cookies | Minted


These painted heart cookies are just one of the 8 easy ideas I rounded up on Cool Mom Picks for easy, homemade Valentine’s Day food gifts.


DIY Valentine's Day candy recipes at Cool Mom Picks: White Chocolate Cherries | Style Me Pretty

Photo: Style Me Pretty

DIY Valentine’s Day candy! 7 awesome recipes as easy and pretty as these ombre pink chocolate dipped cherries. Enough said.


Valentine's Day Crafts at Cool Mom Picks: Conversation Heart Cookies | House that Lars Built

Photo: The House That Lars Built

Of all the Conversation Heart Cookies I’ve seen, these are my favorite because they come with a free printable that allows you to pack them up in what looks like the Conversation Heart box. Perfection!


Valentine's Day classroom treat recipes at Cool Mom Picks: Rice Krispies Treats | Table for Two

Photo: Table For Two

These Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats are just one of 10 easy-to-make DIY classroom treats. Make them today after school, or just make them for your family this weekend.


Non-candy Valentine's Day treats at Cool Mom Picks: Strawberry Applesauce | Lemon Tree Dwelling

Photo: Lemon Tree Dwelling

Sweets, sweets, sweets. If you’d rather skip the candy and super sugary treats, try one of these 7 sweet non-candy Valentine’s Day treats including this all-natural pink Strawberry Applesauce.

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