Smoothie Breakfast Bowl: A fresh start.

January 5, 2015

Smoothie Breakfast Bowl recipe | One Hungry Mama

I’m looking for a fresh start. To 2015. After all that holidays eating and drinking. And, mostly, to the day. I want to start everyday fresh. Cinnamon buns are good (I mean, really good), but I’m craving something light and fresh, like this delicious Smoothie Breakfast Bowl.

I admit that I was skeptical the first time that I came across a smoothie bowl (in Portland, OR, of course). A smoothie in a bowl? I wasn’t ready to swap my straw for a spoon. Then I went on smoothie rampage.

It all started with this Apple Pie Smoothie and a smoothie app (I am still obsessed with it). I was happily making smoothies every morning and, thanks to the app, was able to keep the flavors interesting. Then the boys stopped. They got used to cinnamon rolls and leftover holiday cookies for breakfast and, suddenly, smoothies held no interest. Until I changed things up and, you guessed it, served their smoothie in a bowl topped with crazy goodness.

Just like that, we’re all back on the smoothie train.

Making a smoothie breakfast bowl is simple business. They key is making your smoothie thick, so go easy on the liquid and add yogurt and/or a nut and seed butter to give your smoothie heft. Remember: you’ll be eating this with a spoon! (Have I said that enough? It’s a revelation!)

With a delicious smoothie as your base, just add toppings. I LOVE—and was totally inspired by—this post “Build a Super Breakfast Bowl” on the Earthbound Farm blog, Organic Bound. In fact, if you’re not sold on using a smoothie as your base, check out the other ideas suggested by Earthbound Farm.

Earthbound Farm Breakfast Bowl recipes | One Hungry Mama

Genius, right?

Most of the toppings you choose will depend on what’s in your smoothie, but a few including flax seeds, chia seeds, and wheat germ can go on everything. And, in my house, they do.

Our favorite smoothie bowl these days is a basic fruit smoothie made with fresh banana, frozen strawberries, frozen peach (frozen mango is a good substitute), plain Greek yogurt, avocado for a nutrition boost that adds creaminess without undermining the sweet flavor that my boys crave, and a touch of fresh orange juice. I sprinkle the top with chia, flax, wheat germ, sliced bananas, granola, and pomegranate seeds. I realize that you may not always have pomegranate lying around, but the seeds really add something special—we love the juicy pop that they give to our smoothie bowls. Oh, and toasted coconut never hurts: I add it whenever I have it around.

Whether you’re on a new year health kick, an everyday health kick, or both, give this a try and let me know what you use to build your smoothie breakfast bowl. What’s your base? And the toppings? Spill it! (To me, not on your kitchen floor.) I know that you’re always looking for healthy breakfast ideas and this one hits the spot big time.

PS: Share your smoothie bowl with eaters of any age. Just keep in mind that you may need to blend some of the toppings in to create an age appropriate consistency. Also, be careful not to sweeten your smoothie breakfast bowl with honey if sharing with eaters younger than 12-months-old. You can also keep your smoothie bowl dairy free by skipping the yogurt or swapping in non-dairy yogurt, and gluten-free by skipping the wheat germ.

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