Natural Halloween candy buying guide. Boo-m!

October 24, 2014

Natural Halloween candy at One Hungry Mama

I have a secret (that I’d really like to keep between us grownups): There are tons of healthier Halloween candy options that are just as delicious as our favorite classic candies. Seriously.

Despite being a (mostly) all-natural mama, I’m pretty traditional when it comes to Halloween. I’m not going to encourage apples or raisins here, though more power to you if that’s your thing. Now that my kids are older, I can get back to my roots: For me, Halloween is about candy, so you can imagine how excited I am about the many all-natural candy options available these days.

The healthier options can be harder to find and more expensive, but not always. Some of these—Unreal candy bars, for example—are intentionally priced the same as regular candies and can be found in big retailers like Walgreens. Whole Foods and similarly large natural food store chains are another great place to look.) I’m also sharing this early enough for you to be able to shop online. There’s time!

When healthier candy tastes this good, I don’t see any reason why we can’t have our candy and eat it, too.

Natural Halloween candy: YummyEarth on One Hungry Mama
YummyEarth is best know for their all-natural lollipops, but they also make gummy bears, gummy worms and sour candies, all made with organic ingredients and none of the yucky chemical colors, artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup found in other candies.



Natural Halloween candy: Surf Sweets on One Hungry Mama
Candy with 100% of your daily Vitamin C? Yes, indeed! Surf Sweets organically sweetened gummies and jellybeans have a dose of the cold-fighting vitamin and are free of artificial colors, sweeteners, corn syrup and GMO’s. Plus, they are made in a nut-free facility and are gluten free.



Natural Halloween candy: Utz pretzels on One Hungry Mama
If you want to get away from candy all together—without getting your house TP’ed—these Utz Halloween pretzels are the ticket. They may not be fancy or drenched in chocolate, but every kid loves pretzels. If they don’t get gobbled up on Halloween night, they’ll surely make kiddo happy packed in their post-Halloween lunch.



Natural Halloween candy: Annie's Bunnies on One Hungry Mama
In addition to their gummies, Anni’es Homegrown has also packaged their Bunny Grahams for Halloween. You can grab a box with 24 little pouches perfect for trick-or-treaters.


Natural Halloween candy: Organic Ocho mini candy bars at One Hungry Mama
I discovered Ocho candy bars a few years ago and have been hooked since. They were created by two resourceful dads who wanted to create delicious candy bars with only the finest natural ingredients. Their four chocolate covered candy bars—caramel and peanuts, coconut, peanut butter, and mocha—are all free of additives, preservatives and artificial flavors. They also come in a mini bars perfect for Halloween.



Natural Halloween candy: Justin's Peanut Butter cups at One Hungry Mama
Justin’s All Natural, the makers of Justin’s Nut Butters, never lets us down, and it’s no different this Halloween. They have added White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups to their line-up and also offer bags of individually packaged Peanut Butter Cups covered in dark chocolate or milk chocolate.


Natural Halloween candy: Unreal Candy at One Hungry Mama
Unreal candy bars were specifically modeled after traditional candies to prove that you could get the same mouthwatering taste without corn syrups, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, or preservatives. They come in 5 flavors, each like one of these Halloween favorites: Peanut M&Ms, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, and Milky Way bars. They’re also priced similarly. If you want old school taste with new school ingredients, Unreal is the way to go.


Natural Halloween candy: Legit candy bars at One Hungry Mama
You can find even more of my favorite all-natural Halloween candy selections at Cool Mom Picks where I’ve rounded up the latest and greatest. There are three other candies you need to know about there, including Stix in the Mud (pictured top) and these two beauties from Legit, a new company making totally delicious, certified organic candy using ingredients from ethical suppliers, free of GMOs, artificial ingredients, or hydrogenated oils.



Natural Halloween candy store at One Hungry Mama
If nothing here catches your eye—or even if it does—it’s worth knowing about It’s an awesome resource for natural, dye-free, happy candy. Yay for happy candy!

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  1. Jill W says:

    I am a huge fan of Unreal candy! I used to buy it at Target, but our local (Portland Oregon) stores have stopped carrying it, which made me worried that they’d gone out of business. I hope I can find another local source. I used to love buying the bags of their mini bars – perfect for an afternoon sweet treat!

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