2014 Back-to-School Lunch Gear Guide

August 21, 2014

2014 Back to School Guide: Best lunch boxes, lunch bags, and lunch accessories at One Hungry Mama

It’s back to school time again! I can hardly believe it, but here we are searching for backpacks, lunch boxes and school lunch recipe inspiration. As with every year, I’m here to help you find the best lunchbox gear the new season has to offer, but I’m doing things a little bit differently. (Don’t worry, mamas: change is good!)

Instead of reinventing the wheel, so to speak, this year I’m going to point you to a few places—here and at my other home, Cool Mom Picks—for everything you need to put together the coolest, most delicious school lunches you can manage.

Why point you around this year? Well, first off, the 2013 One Hungry Mama Back-to-School Lunch Gear Guide was so good (if I do say so myself) that I’ve become a die hard for some of the products there and I want to make sure that you know about them. And new stuff? Well, my Cool Mom Picks team, in all their glorious good taste, have put together the ultimate guides to the best lunch boxes and lunch bags and also the coolest school lunch accessories.

Plus, I know you Pinterest-pinning, Facebook-liking, tumbler-hopping mamas are using to jumping around a bit if it means discovering the best stuff the web has to offer. And that’s exactly what this year’s Back-to-School Lunch Guide has in store. So, go ahead, click to read more and check out all the school lunch goods.

School lunch gear guide: Planetbox school lunch box at One Hungry Mama
There are two items on my 2013 Back-to-School Lunch Gear Guide about which I am now fanatical: our Planetbox lunch box (above) and Lock&Lock lunch containers (below). In last year’s review of the Planetbox, I’d mentioned that it was a little big for our taste. Not only have we gotten used to it, but my boys are big now, too. I can’t find any other single container that holds enough food for them that is also dishwasher safe, non-toxic (hello stainless steel!), and leak proof. This is the lunch box in my house and given that it doesn’t get grimy, it will be for a long time. One and done.


Back to school lunch gear guide: Lock&Lock school lunch container on One Hungry Mama
I still have some Lock&Lock lunch containers around, too, for lunches that fit the quad configuration particularly well, like my DIY Taco Lunchable. Mostly, though, I still love these for younger kids with smaller appetites. If I had to pack lunch for another little one in preschool (ha!), this is the box I’d use.


Back to school lunch gear guide: Thermos funtainer on One Hungry Mama
Believe it or not, I also still use the Thermos Funtainer. That makes 3 years running, now! I’ve upgraded the big one to the bigger size and also caved and got branded Funtainers for the little one (what can I say, the boy loves the Cars and Planes movies!) No matter how big or what’s on the outside, these babies never fail to let me down and keep the boys’ drinks fresh and cold, even when it’s super hot out.


Back to school lunch gear guide: Dabbawalla lunch box on Cool Mom Picks
I have featured Dabbawalla lunch bags for years, as well. While we don’t use ours much since our Planetbox containers come with custom sleeves, we love them and will often tote them around on day trips and whenever else I need to have snacks on hands. Without a diaper anymore (praise be!), this is my go to bag when I need to carry around snacks or mini meals for the boys. Dabbawalla releases new designs every year: you can find the latest one (pictured) on Cool Mom Picks. It’s so cute, right?


Back to school lunch box guide: Chewbacca lunch box on Cool Mom Picks
Speaking of the Cool Mom Picks lunch box guide, you’ll find fourteen other bags that are super cool and get the job done well. That’s FIFTEEN lunch box options. And, of course, they are all stylist and cool. Don’t believe me? Lets just say that there is a Chewbacca lunchbox. Hello!

Back to school lunch gear guide: SqueezeEms on Cool Mom Picks

My favorite part of packing school lunch is all the accessories that make it practical, easy and, above all, cute. The editors at Cool Mom Picks didn’t miss a beat with this guide to the coolest lunch box accessories for back to school.  You’ll find water bottles, thermoses, sandwich boxes, awesome fill-your-own squeeze pouches called Squeezems (pictured) and more.

See, different is good! But, as always, I may have missed your favorites. If I have, let me know. What are your favorite lunch boxes, containers and accessories?

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  1. Tawny says:


    Thank you for adding our Squeez’ems to your back to school article. We would love to send you our new squeez’ems twist top version plus our Pack’Ems for you to try and see what you think? If you email me your mailing address I will get those out to you as soon as possible.


  2. Patricia says:

    Thanks for the lock & lock recommendation! I have been searching for something small with smaller compartments!

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