{video} “Banana Cream Pie” Ice Cream Sandwiches

June 10, 2014

Ice cream sandwiches are good, but they’ve never been my favorite. Honestly, for all my all-natural-ness, I’d trade a classic chocolate cookie/vanilla ice cream sandwich for a classic Oreo any day. But here’s the thing the I’m coming to realize: I like ice cream sandwiches in flavors inspired by classic pies. Remember these “Key Lime Pie” Ice Cream sandwiches? Like that. And like these “Banana Cream Pie” Ice Cream Sandwiches, too.

Strange, perhaps, but tell me these don’t sound—and look!—delicious.

Chocolate Dipped Banana Cream Pie Ice Cream Sandwich | One Hungry Mama

Watch the video to learn how to make my latest “Banana Cream Pie” Ice Cream Sandwiches.

You’ll need to make the two-ingredient version of my super healthy One-Ingredient Healthy Banana Ice Cream (which is dairy-free, by the way). Per the recipe, every banana will yield about one half cup of banana ice cream. This makes about 6 ice cream sandwiches using 12 Nila Wafers.

These babies are great plain, but a little dip in white chocolate never hurts. It also lends that vanilla sweetness that makes real banana cream pie so delicious. I only dip my sandwiches half way, so 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips does the job for 6 sandwiches.

Healthy Banana Ice Cream and Nila Wafer Sandwich Treats | One Hungry Mama

Sprinkles are, of course, optional, but c’mon. Let’s have some fun with these. (They don’t even have to contain artificial food coloring with these super fun India Tree jimmies!)

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream Sandwich recipe | One Hungry Mama
While you’re at it, you can also check out the recipe for my Lime Ice Cream and learn how to use it for “Key Lime Pie” Ice Cream Sandwiches. So easy!

*Note: I recommend both of these sweets for kids 12+ months due to the high sugar content. If you want to share something fun with a little one, consider giving them just the banana “ice cream.” It feels like a treat, but has no added sugar. Otherwise, no matter how old your eaters, be sure to serve age-apporpirate portions. A little of these sweet treats goes a long way, even with big kids!

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