Be good to the earth: Drink more (organic) liquor!

April 23, 2014

Black Currant Margarita | One Hungry Mama

Black Currant Margarita (click photo for recipe)

Earth Day was yesterday, I know, but better late than never? Also, I knew you’d be busy gardening and doing eco crafts using upcycled materials with your kiddos, riiiigggghhhhhtttt? I didn’t want to distract you with cocktails. But, now that all that is over, you can sit back, relax and continue to be good to our planet while you toast Mother Earth with these cocktail recipes made with organic liquor.

You read correctly. Organic liquor. As in sprits or, as we call it here, booze.

I did the hard the job of researching—and even taste testing—some of the organic liquor options on the market (someone had to) and shared the results, along with a bunch of recipes, over on Cool Mom Picks. Hey, we’ve gone organic with everything else, why not with our cocktails?

Lest you think this an Earth Day gimmick or just plain precious, I’ll have you know that the organic spirits I tried were priced comparably to conventional high-end brands and had great flavor. Plus, the companies give back in ways that you’ll be happy to support. Think using waste from processing to create bio fuel and planting a tree for every bottle sold.

So, yea, I’m serious: this is good stuff all around. Cheers to that.

Toast to earth everyday with these tasting organic liquor cocktails on Cool Mom Picks.

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