Charoset recipes from around the world for your Passover seder

April 11, 2014

Passover seder: Apple Cinnamon Charoset from Shiksa in the Kitchen | One Hungry Mama

Tori Avey, Shiksa in the Kitchen (click photo for recipe)

Passover is one of my favorite Jewish holidays. As someone who grew up Greek Orthodox, a church where I was expected to sit still, be quiet, and listen from a very young age, I was blown away by the first seder I attended. There was conversation, questioning, debate—all things that I understood as unwelcome in the church in which I was raised. And, like with any good holiday, there was great food on the seder table, too. That, of course, sealed the deal.

I try to find my way to a seder every year and every time I develop a new appreciation for one of the symbolic foods on the table. This year, I’m all about charoset, a sweet spread made of fruit and nuts that is said to represent the mortar used by the ancient Jews who toiled under the rule of Pharaoh.

Mortar is not pretty stuff and, honestly, charoset isn’t the most attractive food on the Passover table. But the sweet, sometimes tart, and often warmly spiced charoset is always among the most delicious seder foods. And, really, I’ll take delicious over pretty any day.

This year, I’ve rounded up 6 fantastic charoset recipes from around the world over at Cool Mom Picks. I wanted recipe inspiration and could not keep what I found to myself. From smooth, sticky spreads traditional in Sephardic cooking to chunky chutney-like condiments brimming with the chopped apples and walnuts that are the hallmark of Ashkenazi charoset, every one sounds more delicious than the next.

6 fantastic charoset recipes for your Passover seder at Cool Mom Picks

Hop on over to Cool Mom Picks, select a charoset recipe, and bookmark the rest for next year. Or, if you don’t celebrate Passover, try one of these recipes whenever! As delicious as charoset is on the seder table, it’s just as delicious spooned over oatmeal, stirred into yogurt, or even draped over ice cream!

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