Simple Valentine’s Day treats that say, “I love you!”

February 10, 2014

Easy Valentine's Day Treats for Kids | One Hungry Mama

I say it with hugs. One likes hugs more than the other, at least the long, snuggly kind. The other one likes quick hugs. Sometimes just a quick touch is enough for him. A moment to connect and make sure that I’m still there. I am. Always will be.

I say it with words. I can’t keep track of the number of times I say, “I love you,” everyday. Too many, probably. Especially for the big one, especially while in public. I won’t stop, though—I don’t really think he wants me to (yet)—but I may start whispering more.

I say it with food. Mostly I think it’s about my commitment to healthy, homemade meals. Because all of that—all of this—started for them, you know. But really, it’s about how much I love cooking. Sometimes I see it and the big one has even said it: they taste the love.

On Valentine’s Day I want to say it with treats that bring together all three: warm hugs, loving words, and delicious food. These six simple Valentine’s Day treats that send a clear message of love are sure to hit the spot.

Valentine's Day Pancakes | One Hungry Mama

I created these recipes, each with a Valentine’s Day message of love and admiration, for Parents magazine, which is on the newsstand now. Grab a copy to get them and tons of other great content, including inspired Valentine’s Day ideas. Or hop on over for my Valentine’s Day treats. You’ll get my recipes for stamped sugar cookies, chocolate love letters, kiss me cakes, and more. So much more.

But, more than anything, I hope you’ll get inspired to find ways to amplify your I love you’s on Valentine’s Day. To take all the ways you love to show love and roll them into one deliciously loving dish, craft, snuggle session—whatever makes you happy and shows your loved ones how very special they are.


The Kiss Me Cakes pancake recipe that I developed for Parents is a great everyday pancake recipe that’s perfectly simple for Valentine’s Day. If you want to get fancy, though, try using my Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes, Orange Hazelnut Quinoa Pancakes, Coconut Quinoa Pancakes, or one of these amazing Valentine’s Day pancake recipes that I found and shared over on Cool Mom Picks. Any of these recipes can easily be turned into happy Xs and Os.

All photos from Parents magazine by Johnny Miller

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