Persimmon, Manchego & Almond Salad

November 11, 2013

OneHungryMama persimmon manchego almond salad

An easy salad for a long weekend.

Thinly slice a ripe persimmon. Use a mandoline if you have one.

Layer the slices on a plate between wispy slivers of manchego cheese.

Chop salted, roasted almonds and scatter them over the top.

Sprinkle the whole plate with salt and drizzle with good olive oil.

If you’re fancy, splash with vincotto.

Share with the kids—open their world to the glory that is fruit and cheese!—and eat it all if they don’t like it. All the better for you.

This salad was inspired by the gorgeous photos of persimmon salads taken by Phyllis Grant of Dash and Bella.

Speaking of photos, sorry mine is so weird and washed out. I had to snap a pic in horrible lighting before the hungry papa and I devoured the salad. And, no, I couldn’t wait until another time to share this with you. It’s too good and persimmons are ready now. So go make this.

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