{video} Three easy last-minute Halloween treats

October 29, 2013

Halloween’s right around the corner. You ready?

All-natural candy for trick-or-treaters?

An easy, make-ahead Halloween night dinner?

Two awesome Halloween lunchbox ideas—a mad scientist monster bento and witch fiesta bento—that you can (honestly!) whip up Halloween morning?

Festive special treats for Halloween day?

Wait. What?! More treats? For Halloween day? Seriously?!

Yes, seriously. And don’t worry because I have you covered.

Last minute Halloween treats.

These three treats couldn’t be easier, but you may need to grab some stuff at the store before Thursday rolls around. Here’s the deal:

OneHungryMama Skeleton Pops

For these Pretzel and Marshmallow Skeleton Pops you really only need marshmallows, yogurt covered pretzels, any kind of straw or stick, and a food coloring pen. If you find edible eyes (like these candy eyes by Wilton), all the better. All of this stuff is likely available at your local baking, craft and/or party supply store.

OneHungryMama Kiwi Frankenstein Halloween Treat

How funny are these Frankenstein Kiwi Snacks?! You really only need a variety of sprinkles for this one. Larger black sprinkles make great neck plugs (is that what they are called?): I used these skull sprinkles. You could use chocolate chips to make the eyes, in which case you don’t have to grab candy eyes. If they are readily available, though, they look pretty awesome. Worth it, even.

OneHungryMama Halloween blood punch

Now this is a last minute idea if there ever was one. Grab black sanding or decorating sugar and cranberry juice. You read right: that’s all you need and Blood Punch is served.

Watch for details on how to put all of these treats together. None take more than 5 minutes to assemble. Then wipe the sweat off of your brow because you are officially all set for All Hallows’ Eve!

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