Chocolate Covered S’mores

October 24, 2013

OneHungryMama Chocolate Covered S'mores


That’s what these are.

Very, very dangerous.

Too delicious. Too easy to make.

I whipped them up as a birthday treat. (I know: cake, cupcakes, s’mores. I spoil him.)

I think that you should make these this weekend for Halloween. If you’re thinking, “That’s a good plan, One Hungry Mama,” then I suggest you either get Halloween-themed sprinkles or grab orange candy melts and black sanding sugar.

If you’re thinking, forget Halloween, then you can consider skipping sprinkles all together. You know, to get them down the hatch faster. Because that’s where you want these: in your belly.

I was inspired to make these by none other than the Pioneer Woman. Of course she’d do this to us! She has a version of this recipe on her site that uses marshmallow creme, but I like the one in her new, gorgeous book Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays that uses marshmallows, real ones. (Can you call marshmallows “real”?)

Like these Chocolate Covered S’mores, the book is out of control. Ree’s cooking is perfect for the holidays. Aren’t these proof? She has them in a chapter for Valentine’s Day, but we’ve already established that I think these will also make a killer Halloween treat.

I use a slightly different method than the Pioneer Woman, but I’m sure they come out just the same in the end: crunchy, melty, chocolately good.

Start by carefully snapping graham crackers in half to get two square halves out of each one. Line graham squares on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Grab a marshmallow—just one will do—and smoosh it in your hand. Place it on one of the graham squares and repeat until you get something like this.

OneHungryMama chocolae covered s'mores 1

Place the cookie sheet in the broiler and toast until the marshmallows are melty and dark golden brown, about 2-3 minutes. Resist eating just this. It’ll be good, but what’s to come is even better.

OneHungryMama chocolae covered s'mores 2

Remove the cookie sheet from the oven and quickly top each marshmallow with another graham square, making a s’more sandwich sans chocolate. (Don’t worry: it’s coming!)

OneHungryMama chocolae covered s'mores 3

Set the graham marshmallow sandwiches aside while you melt candy melts. I do this in the microwave on 50% power for 1-2 minutes. The amount of time they need to melt all the way depends on the brand, how old the candy melts are, your microwave, etc. Just keep zapping them in small intervals. You can also do this part on the top half of a double boiler.

Once melted, whisk until the chocolate coating is smooth as silk. Then dip. Use your fingers and don’t be afraid to get dirty. It’s worth it. One time I made these with melted chocolate that was a bit thick: if this happens, use a spoon to pull chocolate up the sides and then use your finger tip to smooth the chocolate out on top and bottom.

OneHungryMama chocolae covered s'mores 4

That is, if you care about how your s’mores look, which might not be worth it given how fast they go. Just saying.

Line the chocolate dipped s’mores on a clean piece of parchment paper and, if you like, sprinkle and decorate. You can use jimmies, sanding sugar, chopped nuts—whatever you like.

OneHungryMama chocolae covered s'mores 5

Allow to set at least 1 hour. Then eat. Eat. EAT!

OneHungryMama chocolae covered s'mores 6

If you’d prefer not to use candy melts, I’ve tried this recipe substituting 1 cup of chocolate chips (both regular and dairy-free work!) melted with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. It works, but will need to set in the refrigerator, not just on the counter. (You should know that this version will get melty in your hands after just a short time.) You can also use homemade marshmallows. My recipe is for cinnamon marshmallows—yum! If that doesn’t sound good to you, just leave the cinnamon out and the recipe will yield plain old, traditional marshmallows.

Note: While there is nothing in these that is unsafe for younger eaters, I’d say that these are definitely a treat best saved for kids 24+ months! Mega sugar content. A special treat for sure. If you choose to share these with younger eaters, though, be sure to consider a half portion—a little of this snack will go a long way with wee ones!

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  1. Rosie says:

    Oh these look wonderful! We will be attending a trick-or-treat pre-party of sorts at a neighbors house and this will be just the ticket for the kids and adults alike. I always wondered about why to use candy melts vs chocolate and now I know. Thanks for the great idea!

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