How to quick pickle some more: Overnight Refrigerator Pickles

July 23, 2013

Last week I carried on about my ever-growing fondness of quick pickles with a quick tutorial on how-to quick pickle garnishes like quick-pickled grapes and lime pickled red onions. Today’s quick pickles are just as quick to prep—you need 10 minutes to make these overnight refrigerator pickles happen—but they sit overnight instead of an hour. It’s a longer soak, but totally unattended and you end up with something so much more than a garnish. These are summer snack heaven, perfect for a cooling afternoon treat, picnic in the park or backyard BBQ.

These can be made with other summer produce like carrots and peppers and are a perfect way to get kids in the kitchen. Little ones can easily help make these and, while they do, they get to touch, smell and feel gorgeous in-season produce. And with no pressure to eat it (unless, of course, they want to snack while they prep)! Instead, they get to wait overnight and see how a simple combination of vinegar, water, salt and sugar completely changes the way the veggies taste and feel. It’s like a science experiment. A healthy, delicious one.

And, who knows, if you get them hooked on pickling, maybe they’ll start canning for you when they get older. That’s what I’m going for!

Take a peek to see how easy it is to make overnight refrigerator pickles, no recipe required. Watch and you’ll see why. Then give a shout and let me know what herbs and spices you and kiddo use—or plan to use—to season your quick pickles.

*Note: Quick pickles are a safe and healthy treat for beginner finger food eaters and a great way to excite your little one’s palate. Just be sure to share age-appropriate bite sizes, especially if serving firm veggies like carrots. They also make a great snack for your older one’s lunchbox!

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