Chilling ‘n Grilling

July 26, 2013

OneHungryMama Chilling 'n Grilling

It’s been quite a week. I had big plans to share my new favorite salad (come back on Monday) and my foolproof method for sautéing chicken cutlets with a buttery pan sauce in 15 minutes (come back on Tuesday), but both were waylaid by my birthday.

Yup, the hungry mama turned, ahem, 28 this year. (I know: it’s a big one!)

My birthday was full of grump at first (because I didn’t really turn 28), and then full of surprises. BIG, happy surprises. And work, well, other than the essentials—handing in some deadlines, getting on a few conference calls, and doing a first real family food session with a new, fantastic client—it fell by the wayside. And I feel great.

Skipping out on my super packed work schedule stresses me out. Big time. But I usually skip out to do thrilling things like errands or maybe get my nails done while I try to do a little work on my phone. You know, to keep up. I never really let go. I rarely completely relax. I was forced to this week and—what a reminder—when I charge myself up, I get back to it with energy and enthusiasm.

Go figure, right?

It’s amazing what a difference energy and enthusiasm make. I know that sounds silly (of course they make a difference, Stacie!), but I forget and think that maybe you do, too. Because we’re busy taking care of our little people (some of our big people, too), making dinners, packing lunches, organizing camp and play dates, getting ready for the school year, keeping the house in order (well, as much as is possible), working, and so much more.

I also forget what a difference it makes to the whole family when I show up to life feeling replenished.

I actually get to be alone some more this weekend—the hungry boys are off to visit grandma (a birthday gift!)—and when they get back I’m looking forward to being with them. (You read correctly, looking forward to it!)

I hope you can do the same: take time for yourself, recharge and get back to it with the love, patience and enthusiasm that created your family in the first place. Maybe you’ll have a laid back BBQ (check out these 8 awesome summer BBQ recipes including grilled plum toastadas!!), or a picnic by the beach or in your backyard with these 9 picnic recipes perfect for dining al fresco.

Whatever you do, I hope it’s restorative and, of course, delicious!


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  1. Collette says:

    Happy Birthday! Such a lovely present to give you some time and space. Enjoy it!

  2. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday! Cant wit to see your future posts!

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