3 fab frozen summer drinks: Chai-Spiced Pina Coladas, Strawberry Basil Mojitos & Blackberry Lychee Juleps.

July 9, 2013

Check out today’s video with three cocktails—just as delicious served as mocktails (aka smoothies!)—that the whole family can sip all summer long: Chai-Spiced Pina Coladas, Strawberry Basil Mojitos, and Blackberry Lychee Juleps. Yum!

OneHungryMama sipping chai spiced pina colada

Have you seen that my friends at KitchenAid have started a blog? A fantastic blog called The Kitchenthusiast with gorgeous recipes, tons of tips, and inspiration to take on passionate cooking. You can imagine my delight when they asked me to contribute. And, yea, I’ll take any excuse to pull out one of my fab KitchenAid appliances!


KitchenAid blender

My favorite thing about The Kitchenthusiast is the way that it demystifies cooking challenges and inspires you to make something that you might not normally. Always dreamed of hosting a tapas party? No problem. Fantasized about building a impressive Napoleon with fresh berries from scratch. Done. Flirted with the idea of serving Coq Au Vin? It’s time.

I wanted to post something in the same spirit that would be especially compelling to my parent peeps (you all!). I wanted to make something easy, but that you might not normally take time to whip up. I wanted to feature something that’s special for you, but that can also be shared with the kids. Because, sigh, share we must.

Cocktails were the obvious answer, so I whipped up a few fab drinks that taste just as good without booze as they do with: Chai Spiced Pina Coladas, Blackberry Lychee Juleps and Strawberry Basil Mojitos.


OneHungryMama Strawberry Basil Mojito

Yes, they are as delicious as they sound and you can grab the recipes on The Kitchenthusiast to have for your very own. Start making these frozen drinks without booze at 5 p.m. and share them with the kids, then switch to a boozy version after they go to bed. I made a video to show you just how easy they are to make, so no excuses. Treat yourself. I’ve demystified the challenge: you can do it.


Note: You can find the recipes for these drinks at The Kitchenthusiast. While there is nothing in the non-alcoholic version of these drinks that is unsafe for little eaters, I recommend sharing them starting at 12+ months due to their high sugar content. No matter what age your eaters, serve age appropriate portions of these drinks. Just a little bit of these sweet sips goes a long way with wee ones.

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