How to make infused water: 3 recipes to keep the kids hydrated without sugar drinks

June 25, 2013

Check out today’s video for how to keep kiddo (and yourself!) well hydrated with good old fashioned water without being super boring mom. My three infused water recipes will make a glass of water as exciting as a tall glass of lemonade. Don’t believe me? Watch!

There’s something I’ve been keeping from you all. About 3 months ago, I started training to run 3 miles. My first run is coming up this weekend and I’ve signed up for a 3K in September.

(Look at me!!)

I kind of can’t believe it. I kind of hate every minute of it. I kind of love it, too.

EIther way, two really important things have come out of my training so far:

1. I’m really proud of myself.
2. I’ve started drinking water like a champ.

I’d heard that drinking the right amount of water could completely change the way you feel and now I know it’s true. It’s actually kind of crazy. I even need less coffee and swear it’s because I’m fully hydrated for once in my life. So, yea, I’m super into water these days. Which means that I’m all about making sure the boys get enough water, too.

As you know, it’s particularly important to stay hydrated during the summer when it’s also particularly hot and particularly easy to give into sweet drinks like lemonade and juice. While other drinks have a place (who am I to discourage a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day?), it’s important to make sure that sugary sips don’t make up all of the extra liquid the kids need to take in during active summer days.

OneHungryMama infused water recipes

Easier said than done, I know, which is why I put together these three infused water combinations. These will keep kiddo hydrated without totally boring them. These are drinks that your kids will actually want to drink all day long.

Cheers to a well hydrated summer!

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