April 29th, 2013

The gift of sanity in your kitchen for Mother’s Day? Done! (And a toddler feeding tip, too.)

OneHungryMama apple matchsticks

At the beginning of this year, I’d decided that as much as I love (and will always love) writing and developing recipes for you, I wanted to roll up my sleeves and help you in a more personal, meaningful, and long lasting way. I’d decided that I wanted to work with you one-on-one to help you take back your kitchen. I wanted to put ideals for how to feed your family aside and instead hear about the realities of your life so that I could provide you with personalized solutions to help you feed your family healthfully on a budget, deal with your picky eater without fighting, and make dinner every night without constantly feeling stressed out.

I want to help you get rid of the stress of feeding your family, once and for all!

So I developed my Real Family Food in Real Family Time program to do all that. I told you about the program for the first time two and a half months ago. There was no new site to point to (though super fun updates are coming soon!), no info about my program online (again, coming very soon), and no clue how you’d react. I just threw it out there to see if it would stick.

I’ve been blown away by your response. Connecting with you has been the most exciting part of my career yet, combining my child development expertise, experience as a professional cook, and deep love for working with moms.

It’s that last part—my passion for helping moms—that has inspired me to open more time in my calendar this month to give away six free calls. Think of it as my Mother’s Day gift to you. Or maybe it’s your Mother’s Day gift to yourself? My aim is to make it that.

Since the first post about my flagship Real Family Food in Real Family Time program, a 3-month private client program that covers customized solutions around planning, pantry and parenting, I’ve developed other ways to work together. Family Dinner Boot Camp is a foundations rolling group program that gives parents the tools that they need to start the process of getting mealtime back on track, and my VIP Day is a 4-hour private session for tackling specific challenges from grappling with picky eating to mastering family-friendly cooking techniques. I’ll also be running a 4 session teleseminar, Starting Solids 101, in June.

No meal planning app or food delivery service will sustain you alone. There are no magic bullet recipes (believe me, I’ve tried coming up with them for you!). The only way to shift the way that you feed your family for good is to come up with a plan tailored to your real life. On our call, we’ll figure out what it takes to do that.

To schedule your FREE session, email realfamilyfood@onehungrymama.com with three (3) ideal days/times that work for you in May. I’ll work on scheduling something with the first 6 folks who get in touch.

Now, this has nothing to do with the free session that I hope you’ll claim, but I can’t take up this space to ask for something without giving something immediate in return. I remembered today’s quick tip while hanging out with a 12-month-old this weekend. He was big enough to manage chunks of crunchy fresh apple, but too little to take a bite into the fruit. It reminded me that I used to cut apple and other crisp, firm fruit into matchsticks when my kids were young. It’s a perfect trick to have in your back pocket these days when fruit is getting super delicious, but we’re still far from an abundance of soft, juicy peaches and plums on which even beginner eaters can gnaw. Well, at least here on the east coast!

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