Green Tea Matcha Latte

March 16, 2013

OneHungryMama Green Tea Matcha Latte

I have a thing with St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s just say that it’s not my favorite holiday. I’m not sure why, but I know that artificially green food doesn’t help. And it’s not just because I like my eats to be dye free. I’m happy for my salads to be green and my pesto, too, but I’m just not down with serving up a whole plate of green in honor of leprechauns, or whatever. Even when the green is derived from natural sources.

Am I grinch? Perhaps, but not so much that I’m not posting this green matcha tea latte in honor of, you guessed it, St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, I’m going to give St. Patrick’s Day credit for bringing this delicious drink back into my life. That’s big, y’all.

Last year I racked my brain for ways to mark St. Patrick’s Day on my favorite mom site, Cool Mom Picks, where I’m proudly the food contributor. Just because I’m grumpy about St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t mean that you are, too, so thought and thought until, aha!, I came up with the idea of using matcha green tea as a natural green dye alternative.

I picked up some green tea powder, did a few test to make sure it worked well and then rounded up a bunch of matcha tea recipes. After that, I went on a matcha latte kick. You know, to use up the rest of my tea powder. And then it was over.

I recently picked up some more matcha tea powder, but haven’t gotten in the habit of making lattes. Until now, thanks to St. Patrick’s Day.

It was time to come up with something clever and cute for Cool Mom Picks again. I was stumped and thought that a cup of coffee might help. I pulled out the milk and opened my coffee/tea cabinet (yes, I have a coffee/tea cabinet) and there it was, the matcha powder. Inspiration indeed. I made a cup realizing that I’ve never shared the recipe with you. Then I sat at my computer with my green latte and a piece of toast (with cream cheese and honey) and came up with this: Lucky Charms recipes for a magically delicious St. Patrick’s Day.

Lucky Charms fly in the face of all that is good and right here on One Hungry Mama, but read the post you’ll understand. Hopefully. If not, perhaps you’ll make St. Patrick’s Day my lucky day this year and forgive me.

What can I say? These Matcha Lattes go to my head. But they’re good. Magically good. And green, too, which (fine: I give in) is perfectly festive for St. Patrick’s Day.

Green Tea Matcha Latte
(For grown ups only unless you use decaffeinated matcha powder)
Makes 1 serving

1 scant cup milk of choice (cows, almond, soy, etc.)
2 tablespoons just boiled water
1 teaspoon matcha powder
1 teaspoon sugar, or to taste

1. On the stovetop or in a microwave, heat milk until just about to boil (bringing it to this point will give you some foam for a frothy latte).

2. In the meantime, rigorously whisk the matcha powder into the just boiled water.

3. Add the matcha mixture into the frothy milk along with sugar, and whisk to combine. Enjoy warm.

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