February 2, 2013

Sweet and Spicy Beef Nachos

Sweet and Spicy Beef Nachos from A Spicy Perspective

I’m not particularly athletic. I love to dance and even have rhythm, thank you very much, but sports have never been my thing. Other than watching NBA basketball (#GoBrooklyn), I could pretty much care less about sports, professional or otherwise. So, you know, having two little boys that are mad for any game played with a ball is totally awesome.

Anyone want to lend me an American Girl playing, nail polish wearing, hairdo doing little girl? And go ahead and accuse me of betraying my sisters in feminism: I don’t care unless you, too, know what it’s like to raise two insane little boys close in age. (#GoPinkPrincessPower!)

Okay. I may have taken it too far with the pink princess power, but this is what dedicating an entire day to football does to me. Having an outlet like this where I can say things that I regret to the entire world, or at least to the little piece of it that reads One Hungry Mama, saves me. Along with Beyonce, good commercials and nachos.

So, fine. I’m in. I’ll watch football. I’ll even listen to the incessant sports talk that will inevitably fill my day tomorrow from morning to kick off. But I’m going to wear pink (I just have to find some), I’m going to sing and dance loudly when Beyonce comes on (because, ladies, who runs the world?), I’m only going to pay attention during the commercials (#WatchOutTwitter) and, best of all, I’m going to eat lots of nachos (you know, so that I can get just one step closer to having Bey’s kick ass body).

Who else is in, mamas?

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