5 easy Valentine’s Day lunch box ideas

February 13, 2013

OneHungryMama Valentine's Day lunchbox ideas

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow: is love in the air or is that panic I smell?

No need to freak out. Stop looking at Pinterest, take a deep breathe, and remind yourself that a big hug and heartfelt, “I love you to the moon and back,” will do.

And, of course, a little lunchbox surprise is nice, too.

Thankfully, sweet lunchbox surprises are easy to come by. In fact, I’ve got 5 here for you. None of these ideas require much prep or fussing. They are just a fun way to get in the spirit and brighten kiddo’s afternoon.

OneHungryMama Valentine's Day sandwich
This one is from my real life school lunch archive. I packed this heart cut out sandwich on February 14th last year. I took a cookie cutter to one piece of sandwich bread and put it on top of another smeared with peanut butter and jelly. I covered the exposed PB&J with festive sprinkles. And look closely: I also used my cookie cutter to cut out small red pepper hearts and a paring knife to carve strawberries into a heart shape.

twig and thistle diy valentines banana
You know me, never shy to suggest carob on Halloween or fruit on Valentine’s Day! Okay, I’m exaggerating. I’m actually not into carob at all. (What is it anyway?!) But fruit on Valentine’s Day, I can get down with. Especially if you plonk one of these adorable printable Valentine’s Day stickers from Twig and Thistle onto the fruit. They aren’t free (anymore), but you’re in action with just $6, a color printer and a bunch of 1″ round labels.

OneHungryMama Valentine's Day brownies
Make a batch of brownies tonight (or maybe grab some from your local bakery?) and pull out the cookie cutters. Last year I came up with an easy technique for punching out Valentine’s Day brownie hearts and hugs. XoXo

heart shaped eggs
One of the hungry boy’s favorite lunch combos is hummus, chips, veggies, cheese and a hard boiled egg. Put a Valentine’s Day spin on this lunch by making a heart-shaped egg. The tutorial doesn’t require any special equipment; all you need is a piece of cardboard (a cut up milk carton does the trick), chopstick and rubber band.

OneHungryMama pink strawberry milk
And my favorite Valentine’s Day treat of all: homemade strawberry milk. Grab some frozen strawberries and then whip up a batch of this pink stuff tonight. So easy and it’ll make kiddo ridiculously happy.

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