Best Healthy Family Recipes of 2012

January 3, 2013

OneHungryMama Maple Yogurt Mousse

That was fast.

2012 is behind us, but I hope my upswing isn’t. See, nearly exactly one year ago I wrote a post fessing up. I had been keeping a big, scary secret from you guys and, instead, hid behind a barrage of cheery holiday food posts. I had been encouraging you to take it easy, relax and enjoy your family while I’d been a mess, completely unable to do the same since it seemed that my little hungry one, then just 2 years old, was very sick. Thankfully, that post marked the end of the drama. Just a couple of days after I wrote it, on Jan 7th, it was confirmed that the hungry baby did not have a bone tumor as we thought he might. And things have been non-eventful since. We’ve had a few follow ups, blood work and such, and all’s good they say. He hasn’t limped in over a year, his tests keep come out clean and he’s growing like a monster. In a good way.

Thank God.

As the pressure, worry and anxiety eased, our family life returned to normal. 2012 brought family trips (two without the kids!), a summer in the country, first grade (!!!), the start of school for my little one, long weekends—some good, others when Monday couldn’t come fast enough, brotherly fights, some screaming (okay, a lot of screaming), a lot of love, and healthy food that nourished us through it all.

These recipes are my healthy standouts from 2012. They got us through the good times and bad, the same way that they will in 2013. Put these recipes in heavy rotation in your home and they will see you through, too. No talk of resolutions here, just foods to keep you healthy and ready to face whatever the new year has in store.

Bring it on 2013.

OneHungryMama Farro Soup
This Kale Squash Farro Soup with Chickpeas is perfect for right now. It’s endlessly adaptable, just do not skip the bread crumbs!


OneHungryMama Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Celery Salad
Brussels sprouts are in season right now, giving you an excuse to indulge in burrata with this Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Celery Salad over Burrata. The pic isn’t my best, but the recipe is among them.


OneHungryMama Giardiniera roasted vegetables
Spice up your tired roasted veggies with this simple recipe inspired by giardiniera, Italian pickled veggies. You can adjust the heat easily in this recipe for Giardiniera Roast Vegetables; you don’t have to make this spicy. Or you can.


OneHungryMama Miso Baked Eggplant
If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that the hungry boys is a big fan of Japanese food. This Miso Baked Eggplant is one of his favorite veggie sides and the only way he’ll eat eggplant.


OneHungryMama Mujaddara Rice and Lentils
Mujaddara is among the best pantry meals ever. Aromatic rice, nutrient rich lentils and caramelized onions. So simple. So good.


OHM herbed barley salad
This recipe for a simple Herbed Barley Salad might seem like nothing special, but it’s all in the alchemy. Something magical happens when you mix these ingredients together. It’s a great side and can even be a light main with a side of eggs or a big crusty loaf of garlic bread.


OneHungryMama Baked Kale and Egg Cups
You gotta love a recipe like this one for Baked Egg Kale Cups that’s a showstopper at brunch and can also be made the night before to serve as a weekday breakfast on the run. You can see from the pic that you can substitute kale for bacon. Always an option.


OneHungryMama Okonomiyaki
Okonomiyaki is a simple japanese pancake. This vegetarian version comes together in a snap, is packed with healthy cabbage and allows you to announce, “Pancakes for dinner!!” (There’s also a link here to my quick vegetarian dashi, an all-purpose Japanaese broth, that I make constantly.)


Quinoa Lentil Stuffed Tomatoes
It’s probably best to wait until summer when the tomatoes are in peak season to make these Quinoa and Lentil Stuffed Tomatoes. When it’s time, though, do not skip this recipe. Bookmark it. Make a note in your calendar. Try these.


OneHungryMama pink strawberry milk
A homemade version of classic pink milk. A great treat, especially perfect for upcoming Valentine’s Day.


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Baban Bread
I’ve always been someone who believes that homemade sweets are healthy in moderation so long as they are made with real, whole foods like butter and natural cane sugar. I’ve never seen much point in experimenting with “healthier” baking ingredients unless you need to because of dietary restrictions. When the hungry baby was sick, though, we thought a food allergy might be at play (it wasn’t) and I started doing what I do best: experimenting in the kitchen. To my surprise, I found that some of the ingredients I’d been avoiding make sweets that are just as satisfying and possibly healthier. So then why not! I’m excited to experiment more in 2013 but, in the meantime, give this Chocolatey Quinoa Banana Bread a try. It’s gluten free. It’s also the only banana bread I’ll make anymore. We LOVE this recipe!


OneHungryMama Whole Wheat Apple Butter Crumb Bars
You should also give these more traditional, but lower sugar Whole Wheat Apple Butter Crumb Bars a try.


One Hungry Mama Apple Cider Jello
This was my runner up for top recipe of the year: Maple Yogurt Mousse with Apple Cider Jello. Make the mousse for sure. FOR SURE. Promise me right now that you will. You can serve it plain (it’s great at a brunch with granola) or top it with the cider jello. If you like the jello, you can also make that on its own. It’s like a super bonus: two recipes, great together, great apart. Genius.

And there’s more! I asked some of my favorite food bloggers of 2012 to tell me their favorite recipe of 2012 from their own blogs. They obliged (thank you, ladies!) and I posted the links over on Cool Mom Picks: 9 best recipes from the 9 best food bloggers of 2012. I shameless included myself in the list, so hop on over for my #1 pick of the best One Hungry Mama recipe of 2012. Here’s a hint:

Indian Spiced Meatballs OneHungryMama

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  1. Happy New Year, friend! Your 2012 was amazing, I can’t wait to see what you bring in the new year. =)

  2. Rosie says:

    Love the recap and your ‘best of’ list….here’s to a healthy, happy 2013!

  3. One Hungry Mama says:

    thank you ladies! there were many others—it was hard to choose! these were the healthiest, though, and we’re going with that. healthy eating love in 2013!

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