Best. Latkes. Round up. Ever.

December 7, 2012

OneHungryMama hanukkah latkes
December ain’t messin’ around folks. We are no longer in the pre-holiday phase of things. Tomorrow at sundown the holidays officially begin with Hanukkah. I realized that many of you do not celebrate Hanukkah, but I also know that most of you will not argue with a holiday celebrated with potato pancakes and donuts.

Before we dive into jelly donuts, let’s talk potato pancakes, shall we? (I promise I’ll get back to the donuts. Really. Calm down. This is me talking to myself, by the way.) I will never argue with classic potato latkes made with nothing more than potato, onion and egg, but I also wouldn’t be me if I didn’t look to raise the cooking bar. This time, I’m not going for crazy technique or golden pancakes made with precision skill. No, I’m talking about varying the ingredients list to include other vegetables and even some fruit.

You can always opt for my classic latkes recipe or the one from Jennifer Brandt‘s Nana Jean, which she shared during our latkes swap two years ago. (Holy time flies!) But, if like me, you’re looking for an easy thrill, check out my latkes recipes round up at Cool Mom Picks.

There you’ll find droolworthy latkes with celery root, pear, beets and even one served with cinnamon sour cream.

Cool Mom Picks Latkes

Photo: Jeremy Liebman for Bon Appetit

7 Sensational Latkes Recipes on Cool Mom Picks

Enjoy. Happy Hanukkah. And no I won’t forget about the donuts. Stay tuned.


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  1. Alli says:

    OMG, yum! Thank you for posting this.
    Hanukkah actually begins tomorrow night, though: 12/8.
    A happy one to you and your family!

  2. One Hungry Mama says:

    i know. Forgot to fix—oops! Doing it now. Thanks for the reminder, Alli!! Have a great holiday.

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