The Ultimate Gift Guide for Foodies & Cooks {giveaway closed}

December 3, 2012

OneHungryMama 2012 Gift Guide for Foodies and Cooks

The holiday shopping season is here and, with it, the 2012 One Hungry Mama Gift Guide. This year, I’m kicking off my ultimate gift guide for foodies and cooks big and small with a fabulous giveaway from super stylish Kaufmann Mercantile. It’s a sort of cheese plate starter kit. Hear that? It’s a cheese-themed gift, people: you want this. The gift guide and giveaway deets are below, but first I want to quickly talk about something I’m calling “simplify December.”

(Thank you for humoring me. I love you guys.)

Despite my distaste for cold weather, December is one of my favorite months. Though Thanksgiving is wonderful, December marks the beginning of the Christmas season, and I’m a SUCKER for Christmas. The music, the lights, the bustle, the giving and, yes, the getting. I love, love, love it! Over the last few years, though, December has become one of the most stressful times of the year. Shopping, trimming, and sipping spiked eggnog in the afternoon are just not the same with little kids.

Since becoming a parent, December has become about breaking down cardboard boxes from online shops, trying to make cookies during tiny little breaks in the day, and wrapping gifts late into the night, totally exhausted. Then there’s the fact that my family now celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas. While I love having lots of cherished family traditions, it can be a ridiculous amount of work and major gift overload. Not to mention the fact that the hungry boy’s birthday is in the first week of January. That’s right! That means that I have to plan his party during the holiday season, too.

Many of you feel the same way, I know. Happy, but overwhelmed. Excited, but exhausted. If that’s the case, I hope you’ll join me in paring down this year. Fewer gifts, easier recipes, and a commitment to do away with notions of perfection. This year, I aspire to be like the thoughtful protagonist in one of my favorite holiday movies of all time. No, not Ralphie in A Christmas Story (though Flick also taught me to never, ever stick my tongue to a frozen pole), but the ever-wise Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas. This year I’m going to focus on family, friends, food and fun without worrying about perfectly wrapped gifts, an impeccably neat home, or having all of the trimmings in the exact right place.

Since I have a feeling you’re on board with this plan, I wanted to give you a gift guide that would make shopping for the food lovers in your life super easy. The thing is, glitzy gift guides require a lot of work. You need tons of time to collect gorgeous photos, futz in photoshop, and painstakingly code in HTML. (A geeky, but true peek behind the scenes.) Since I’m thinking that we’re all in this “simplify December” thing together, I found a solution that makes things easy for all of us, me included.

This year’s One Hungry Mama Gift Guide is a simple board on Pinterest. I can’t organize pins with headers, so it’s just a lovely grid with lovely things for the lovely people in your life. I pinned all products straight from sites where you can buy them, so just click through to purchase. And remember: you don’t have to join Pinterest to partake in the fun.

Brooklyn Slate Co Cheese Board Kaufmann Mercantile

To kick off this year’s One Hungry Mama Gift Guide with style, I’m excited to announce a giveaway from one of my favorite online retailers, Kaufmann Mercantile. Their selection is a carefully curated mix of long-lasting and well-designed goods, two of which they are sharing with one lucky reader. The giveaway is for a sort of cheese plate starter kit with a Brooklyn Slate Co. cheese board (above) and a jar of crazy delicious Queens River Blackberry Jam (below), the perfect accompaniment to a great sharp cheese like a well aged cheddar.

{Please note that this giveaway is closed. Winner coming soon!}


To be eligible to win, leave a comment here by midnight on Wednesday 12/5 telling us the one cheese or cheese board accompaniment that you can’t live without.

Hit my gift guide, do a little relaxed shopping, make some simple, delicious food, kick up your heels and call it December. It’s been a long year and you deserve to relax and enjoy the holidays with the rest of your family.

With love,

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: A big congrats to Darcy B! I hope you (continue to) enjoy your cheese board and jam.

Thanks to all who participated and happy holidays!

* This prize package is valued at about $40.00 and will be provided directly by Kaufmann Mercantile to a U.S. resident selected by I have not received anything for free in relation to this giveaway, and all opinions are strictly my own, thank you very much!

36 Responses

  1. I cannot live without Parm.

  2. Staci A says:

    We may be a little boring, but we love Swiss!

  3. Darcy B. says:

    Sharp cheddar is really a must in our house. A plate of sharp cheddar, apples, and crackers is the best snack!

  4. cs white says:

    Man, I recently found some fig jam that would just rock with a cheese board!

  5. Sharon says:

    My favorite is a very sharp cheddar.

  6. kathleen kiley says:

    I Italian La Tur…so creamy and wonderful with my homemade Green Tomato Jalapeno Jam!

  7. hannah v says:

    I love triple creme brie. So delicious.

  8. Alli says:

    I love any cheese made by a goat!

  9. Rosie says:

    A cheese board is not complete without something/anything from Cowgirl Creamery. My favorite is their stinky Red Hawk.

  10. Sarah O says:

    Mmmm, creamy brie for sure.

  11. Jill says:

    Brie. It’s a classic, but I can seriously chow on an entire wheel all by myself.

  12. Leslie says:

    A hard cheese that we can dip in local honey. So yummy!

  13. Erin says:

    We love drunken goat cheese (murcia al vino). When I lived in NYC, an awesome cheesemonger at Fairway recommended it, plied me with samples, and got me hooked.

  14. Hanna says:


  15. Julie says:

    Goat cheese is a favorite, but don’t think we could live without Parmesan…lots of Italian food made in this house.

  16. Fig jam. Goes well with so many cheeses.

  17. Miranda says:

    I love Gorgonzola.

  18. Christine says:

    Triple creme. And mostarda.

  19. Oh I would love to win this! I cannot live without Brie cheese. Also Romano, and fresh mozzarella, and aged sharp cheddar 😉 Those slate boards are great!

  20. MaryBeth says:

    I love dried fruits and nuts on a cheese board. The salty cheese, sweet fruit and crunchy nuts are like a party in my mouth.

  21. Lia Simpson says:

    Grapes, cheese and crackers.

  22. Audrey Buma says:

    Always have to have sharp cheddar cheese, excellent for everything!

  23. Amanda R. says:

    Humbolt fog. Fig spread.

  24. susan b. says:

    Hot pepper jack!

  25. TaraO says:

    I like to serve cheese with some nuts and either dried or fresh fruit. YUM!

  26. sara says:


  27. Jenny says:

    My hubby is the cheese lover in our family and he is SO particular about his cheese cutter- tight, thin wire, right length of the cutting arm…. personally, i’m fine with a sharp knife or a soft goat cheese….

  28. Kat says:

    Manchengo is my current favorite but I cannot think of a cheese I don’t like!

  29. Natalie says:

    Sharp cheddar is a must!

  30. Charissa says:

    Blueberry Cheddar – yummy!

  31. manda says:

    Sharp cheddar is my favorite… the sharper the better.

  32. Alyssa says:

    I love the Humboldt Fog goat cheese! Especially when slathered on good baguette dipped in sweet almond oil, salted, and peppered. Swoon.

  33. Ksusee says:

    Chèvre de Bellay (sp?). It’s goat, tangy and delicious eaten with a crunchy breadstick on the street in the cold.

  34. Ksusee says:

    Chèvre de Belley (sp?). It’s goat, tangy and delicious eaten with a crunchy breadstick on the street in the cold.

  35. Calli says:

    I love feta cheese!

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