Sherried Mushrooms and Chorizo

November 30, 2012

OneHungryMama Sherried Mushrooms Chorizo Eggs

I love sherried mushrooms, all charged with garlic and spiked with (just a little!) warm booze. The combo turns a simple sautéed vegetable into a luxurious layer for serving over toast, under meat or cuddled up to noodles. I recently discovered that sherried mushrooms also pair well with a gently fried egg. I first served the two together as a meatless meal (hello, Meatless Monday), but decided to add some animal protein the second time around (hello, chorizo).

Fresh chorizo gives sherried mushrooms a super Spanish flair and the same big flavor you’d expect from a tapas joint in Barcelona. It’s easy, too! This simple Spanish-inflected meal, great for brunch or dinner, can be on the table in barely 30 minutes. You can even nerd out and get books about Spain or have a Spanish night at home (hello, food and learning).

When you decide to make this, be sure to grab the correct chorizo. There are two kinds: fresh and dried. The dried kind is cured and has a hard texture like salami. The fresh kind, on the other hand, is raw and soft, usually sold in casing—this is what you want for this recipe, which I posted on the Mushroom Channel. Grab the recipe and (hello, upside down exclamation point) buen provecho!

PS: Skip the fried egg and put the mushrooms and chorizo on toast points for your holiday cocktail party!

Sherried Mushrooms and Chorizo with a Fried Egg

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