November 21, 2012

onehungrymama how to thaw your turkey

Photo: Con Poulos, Epicurious

Friends: A quick reminder to thaw your turkey, the most important thing you’ll do to ensure a successful Thanksgiving meal.

Here are some tips from my friends at Sawkill Farm in Red Hook, NY where I got my turkey this year. Please read because, it turns out, your plan to leave the bird on the counter all day isn’t the best idea.

As long as your bird has thawed by tomorrow morning, the folks at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line can help you with any other issues. But there won’t be any, right?!

With that, get thawing. Here’s how:

1. Avoid leaving the turkey on your counter at room temp (icky bacteria risk).

2. Keep your turkey in the plastic bag in which is came.

3. Submerge the turkey in cold water in a deep sink, large pot or bathtub.

4. Check and change the water every couple of hours. Colder water defrosts the turkey more quickly.

5. The turkey will defrost at a rate of approximately 1 lb / 30 minutes.

6. Once defrosted this evening, put the turkey in your fridge tonight and do not worry about the water.

Thank you Michael Robertson of Sawkill Farm.

Have a happy, cozy, delicious Thanksgiving!


Photo: Con Poulos, Epicurious

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