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October 8, 2012

OneHungryMama School Lunch Resource Guide

You’ve been following as I document daily school lunches for the hungry boy. Now, you can watch my conversation with Johanna Cook of MommaCuisine.com on how to make packing healthy and fun lunches easy breezy.

For the segment, which was part of the premier episode of the Momma Cuisine #MCShowLIVE, I’ve put together a One Hungry Mama school lunch resource guide.

Take a look and watch the video for some of my favorite school lunch packing tips (watch the whole show; I start at around 26:20).

* This Ultimate School Lunch Post has 5 tips for packing school lunch and a long list of recipes to inspire you.

* If you include store-bought snacks in kiddo’s lunch, you need to check out my Guide to Healthier Back to School Snacks.

* The OHM Back-to-School section (in the “Guides” to your right) has a list of posts that focus specifically on school lunch and school lunch gear. Visit regularly!

* This year’s Back-to-School Lunch Gear Guide is my latest list of best school lunch accessories. (Check out the guides from 2010 and 2011, as well.)

* This is a fun list of 10 sandwich spreads that will help you make a more exciting peanut (or seed) butter sandwich.

In addition to these helpful recipes and ideas, follow what I pack for my kids every day on the One Hungry Mama Facebook page.

Happy lunch packing!

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    Wow! I love the lunch posts on FB. So inspiring!

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