An all-natural dip that tastes just like Snickers. Oh yea.

October 29, 2012

OneHungryMama Snickers-inspired dip

I’m an all natural mama. A from-scratch cook. But I have three junk food weaknesses: Oreos, nearly any sugar cereal and Snickers. There. I said it.

I do not bring these “foods” into my house. And when, a couple of times a year, I find a way to indulge, I hide from my children. Partly in shame, mostly so that I don’t have to share.

My homemade Snickers-inspired dip is a revelation. A gift. I can indulge without shame. I can share because there’s plenty, uh, I mean because it’s natural. Just four simple layers of homemade goodness—honey whipped cream cheese, an easy homemade caramel, crushed peanuts and melted chocolate—that make a perfect after school snack for Halloween or a great pre-Halloween cooking project with kiddo if you’re stuck hiding from frankenstorm (like us).

I’d say that this Snickers-inspired treat is also the thing you need to make if trick-or-treating is cancelled because of bad weather, but I’m rooting for the one time of year that my kids can indulge in real fake candy. Halloween will prevail! (Fingers crossed.)

Peek at this yumminess and get my “Snickers” dip recipe over at Momtastic.

It starts simple…
OneHungryMama Snickers Dip cream cheese layer

And then, like any good candy, gets gooey…
OneHungryMama Snickers Dip caramel layer

Wait: there’s more!

OneHungryMama Snickers Dip caramel layer

OneHungryMama Snickers Dip

And I promise that the green apple isn’t some healthy compromise. The apple’s tartness is a great compliment to this sweet treat. Together, they satisfy.

Get the recipe today: “Snickers” dip

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